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Mark Tuthill

Consultant Oncologist

, Oxford, Oxfordshire

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Recommendations and patient stories for Mark Tuthill

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I feel most fortunate to have been placed under the care of Dr Mark Tuthill for the treatment of advanced breast cancer. Since my diagnosis in October 2016, his proactive, warm, honest and professional approach has been much appreciated by me and my family. My two weekly visits to the Manor are conducted in a calm and unrushed environment, where I feel valued and encouraged as I face this difficult time. Most importantly, the treatment plan he has designed for me is achieving excellent results. Thank you Dr Tuthill

February 2017

I just wanted to send a note to say thank you for the care you have provided so far for my sister. I really appreciated the time you spent with us during her new patient consultation.

January 2017

I want to thank you that you have saved my life. I am really pleased because everything is going in the right direction

January 2017
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Thank you 'team' for the care you have given me through the year 2016. Long may it continue.

December 2016

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your care over the last year. You've been professional, caring and understanding, making what is a scary time easier to take and made his hospital appointments much less daunting and no longer dreaded. Your dedication and fight has given us much more hope than we had when ..... was first diagnosed.

December 2016

I feel moved to write and express my appreciation of what you are doing for me. I know you took much time and trouble to help obtain Nivolumab for me and the results in my quality of life are almost unbelievable. I have more vitality, mental awareness and above all I feel well for most of the time.

November 2016
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Thank you for your kind attention in clinic yesterday. I came away feeling much relieved that progress may soon be made with Nivolumab.

May 2016

I was very pleased and quite honestly overwhelmed with the amount of support we’ve had. I personally feel very luck that we had you as .....'s consultant in the last months as the level of knowledge and expertise you have demonstrated was exceptional and your personal attitude was truly exemplary for which I’m eternally grateful. Thank you for everything.

May 2016

Since the first time that my wife and I met with you we have been very grateful for your caring expertise and also for that of your colleagues.

May 2016
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Very many thanks for looking after me so well over the last months. We both wish you well in your new post.

October 2015

My husband and I are indeed grateful for all the care I have received since I first came to the respiratory clinic. The way all the information, good and otherwise, has been given is most appreciated.

July 2015

I am not sure I can find the words to express our thanks, for all your encouragement towards myself and my family. We always enjoy our visits, your humour and empathy makes such a difference.

July 2015
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Thank you so much for all your kindness, patience and wonderful care over the last few months.

July 2015

We would like to thank you and Dr Tuthill for your part in making mums last few months as comfortable as possible, giving us time as a family.

July 2015

I would like to thank you for all you did for ....., for taking the time to listen to him. He appreciated your sense of humour and for being frank and honest with him.

April 2015
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Just like to say thank you for everything you are doing for my mother

Thanks for everything you have done in such difficult circumstances. We are truly grateful and have nothing but praise for you and your team.

February 2015

I am absolutely thrilled that your clever combination of Abiraterone and Docetexel appears to be having a beneficial effect on my cancer and I am delighted that you used me as a guinea pig for this treatment... May I take this opportunity of wishing you every success at Brighton and beyond. I have nothing but praise for your treatment and for your care and sensitivity in dealing with problems.

December 2014

I want to send you my thanks for your concern and care over the last 11 months. I had not expected the side effects of the treatment, nor did I imagine the thoroughness of your analysis and continuing treatment. This was my first introduction to treatment with a serious illness; I am moved by your attention and care as well as the chemotherapy nurses and all the staff I met. You are all a great credit to medicine and to the NHS.

August 2014

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Qualified in 2002 in United Kingdom

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