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Professor Hesham Saleh

Consultant Rhinologist/Facial Plastic and ENT Surgeon

, London

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Recommendations and patient stories for Professor Hesham Saleh

After suffering for over 25 years from severe Nasal problems Professor Saleh was the only consultant who believed me, and worked with a multidisciplinary team to finally diagnose me and treat me. 
Professor Saleh took his time to fully understand the complex case I am and didn’t make me feel like just another number or a patient on a list, but as a person, which is a rare commodity nowadays.
He truly cares for all his patients and he and his team of administrative staff are the most efficient I have come across,and they will always get things done.
The sad thing is, there’s only one Professor Saleh and his unique set of skills are vital for the future of medicine given the current COVID-19 crisis and his experience in dealing with complex infections like me. 

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I awoke at 4am with the most excruciating pain in my eye. On closer inspection the entire RHS of my face was completely distorted & very swollen, also I could not breathe. I was totally disorientated, unstable & afraid.
I was admitted to hospital by ambulance & deposited in the stroke ward, where I remained for 36 hours. I was absolutely desperate as no one was making a decision on my case.
I was dispatched to the Western Eye hospital on 3 separate occasions each resulting in a different opinion. After CT scans & two MRI scans I suddenly found Mr Hesham Saleh & his team at the foot of my bed insisting I required immediate, urgent surgery. I could not focus nor concentrate the pain was so severe. Somehow, I just knew here was someone who was in charge. His professional manner displayed quiet confidence that was totally focused on my specific condition.
Mr Saleh performed Endoscopic drainage as an emergency on my right eye. The instant pain relief was unbelievable & I could breathe again!
After another few days & further MRI scans they discovered I had a Right-sided orbital haematoma. This necessitated further superior collection drained through external incision together with sphenopalatine artery ligation.
I remained in hospital for two further weeks under close supervision by Mr Hesham Saleh & his team. Although I am still on Rivaroxaban blood thinners, I no longer suffer from the constant excessive nose bleeds. I have since been told by a number of people with a medical background that my condition is virtually totally unknown in the profession.
I have the greatest respect for the manner in which Mr Saleh & his team have treated me. He has an excellent reputation & total credit to his profession. I still think back on how fortunate I was to be treated in an emergency by a specialist in Endoscopic Skull based surgery. I have absolutely no doubt that I owe my eyesight to Mr Hesham Saleh.

by E, Kensington

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Last year around June my nose started dripping constantly,I made several visit to my GP and was prescribed some nose drops ,nothing seems to work .I was feeling tired ,having bad headaches and feeling very low. I contacted a specialist and made an appointed .On my visit ,he recommended that I go and see a Consultant Rhinologist surgeon as he suspected I had a CSF leak.
I contacted the Harley ENT practice and spoke to Mr Hesham Saleh consultant Rhinologist,facial plastic surgeon PA Sharon Atkinson and made an appointment.
On my visit to Mr Hesham Saleh ,he confirmed that I had a CSF leak and required to have a surgery as soon as possible .He introduced me to Sharon Atkinson who made all the necessary arrangement to be admitted and for the operation to be carried out. I was made very welcome and was less worried as the whole team was so professional .
It's now 7 months coming and I am getting much better .
As a worried person ,I can truly say that having place myself in the hand of Mr Hesham Saleh,I believed he is not only one of the best specialist ,very caring ,dedicated to his work and making time to make sure his patient recovery goes well .
My special thanks and gratitude to Mr Hesham Saleh and the whole team that made me feel so welcome to the Hartley ENT practice .

by MV

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Dr H.Saleh has improved my quality of life dramatically, is a credit to his profession and a true gentleman. I also appreciated his after-care which lasted over a year, and I was never a bother to him. God Bless.

by AP, London

Dear Mr Saleh, A belated thank you to you and your teams, administrative and clinical, for the truly excellent care and help before, during and after my recent operation. I always feel that you all have my very best interests at heart and that nothing is too much trouble. My very grateful thanks to you all.

by DH, Kent

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From start to finish of my Septorhinoplasty, I was met with the highest standard of care from Mr Saleh and his team. I was confident in the knowledge that I was in the hands of an extremely highly-trained surgeon, with an astounding reputation amongst his patients and peers, who truly cared about my outcome. 
Mr Saleh took the time to listen and address all my concerns fully with a great kindness and understanding. He really made the whole process swift and easy for me. Coming from a medical background, I was able to fully appreciate the extensive knowledge, experience and achievement Mr Saleh has made in his field and I knew there isn't anyone better I could have hoped for to have been my doctor.
I cannot thank him enough for the fantastic results, my breathing became clear within the first week of surgery and it has continued to improve vastly since. My nose looks extremely natural and it is impossible to tell I have had surgery at all.
His team were very professional, personable and clearly very experienced with dealing with patients like me. I was easily able to make contact with any questions I had and I found their support above and beyond my expectations. 
I cannot stress enough how hassle-free the surgery and the after care has been. It really has been down to this world-class team offering a high-quality service. If you decide surgery is for you, I would whole-heartedly recommend Mr Saleh and his expert practice. I'm very grateful to you all, thank you so much!

by KR, Oxford

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Following a septoplasty and reduction of turbinates performed in June 2010 in the Midlands, I was left with a perforated septum as a result. I had a whistling sound which indicated that there was something wrong with my nose. I searched all over England for a specialist ENT surgeon, but it was virtually impossible. I went to Harley Street and was finally recommended to Mr Hesham Saleh, who miraculously said he could do it for me. To find a gifted surgeon to repair a hole in the nose is a blessing, as not many ENT surgeons can both resolve ENT problems as well as attempt a repair on the septum. I would recommend Mr Hesham Saleh as the finest ENT surgeon one could possibly have.

by MA, Leicestershire

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Qualified in 1983 in Egypt

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