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Oliver Segal

Consultant Cardiologist

, London

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Recommendations and patient stories for Oliver Segal

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I found it very easy to talk to Dr Segal. He is obviously very knowledgeable in his field and I felt confident I was seeing the best person for my problem. He arranged tests for me on that day. At my check up he assured me that if my symptoms recurred I could ring him and he would arrange for me to be monitored straight away. I was very pleased to have gone to see him and would recommend him to anyone with a heart rhythm problem.

by AF

I am a 50 year old male based in Australia. I recently had a Holter Monitor test done to further investigate heart palpitations and periodic dizziness I had been experiencing over a long period of time. Despite a reassuring opinion from my local medical specialists, I felt the symptoms and my related anxiety warranted a second opinion. Accordingly, I approached Dr Segal via his website to enquire as to whether he would be prepared to assist in this regard. Dr Segal promptly responded that he would gladly do so. I forwarded Dr Segal my medical history and test results by email and had a lengthy telephone consultation with him a few days thereafter. Dr Segal not only responded to my initial enquiry promptly, given the time difference he also kindly called me for the consultation well after his normal consulting hours. The consult was detailed and thorough with Dr Segal not only confirming my medical history and matters relating to my condition, he also took the time in a very congenial and patient manner to provide his very reassuring opinion in a technical manner that I could easily comprehend.Aside from Dr Segal’s clear expertise in this highly complex and specialized area of cardiology, at a personal level I found Dr Segal’s manner patient, sincere and empathetic to my concerns. Accordingly, I would highly recommend Dr Segal to any prospective patient.

by GM
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Dr Segal appears to be highly knowledgeable and competent in his field. His approach is collaborative, engaging the patient in the decision making process and taking the time to explain the evidence properly so that an informed decision can be made. His manner is friendly and supportive while maintaining the necessary degree of authority.

by PL

I would like to thank Doctor Segal for curing me of paroxymal/atrial fibrillation/flutter. After it had reached intolerable levels and having had a failed ablation in 2011 resulting in cardiac tamponade, I asked in December 2015 for a referral to Doctor Segal for a consultation having read his informative website. He carried out 2 ablations within a space of 3 weeks. I have been free of fibrillations for now more than one year and free of medication for irregular heartbeat. I found Doctor Oliver Segal’s professionalism and patient care outstanding.

by LM

A very competent doctor who is open and caring and an excellent communicator with his patient and other professionals also caring for his patient.

by DD
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Excellent! Always has enough time to talk through the issues and to set out choices and options. Doesn’t mind my questions and understands my worries. I would recommend him wholeheartedly.

by SHJ

Overwhelmingly positive. I felt that the advice given was practical and pragmatic. Oliver appears to give the unvarnished truth and is extremely helpful in presenting the options and evaluating the possible outcomes. The follow up is concise and thorough. I would unhesitatingly recommend him.

by JS

Attending the consultation with my wife and adult grandson, we found Dr Segal very receptive to our questions, receiving sensible and knowledgeable answers. His recommendations were extremely helpful, as was his suggestion of seeing another colleague who could possibly help with other medical suggestions (he was, very much so). We were provided with much more detailed explanations than we had received to date from our NHS doctors, and felt re-assured over my condition. I also received a detailed letter, confirming what had been said, the following day, something never experienced within the NHS. Dr Segal was extremely courteous throughout and it was a pleasure to attend the consultation with him.

by JB
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All very positive. Pragmatic advice given in a very straightforward way. All clinical procedures expertly done with very caring follow-up.

by JS

I found Dr Segal listened to my AF problems with a friendly competence which put me at ease. I was able to express my concerns following the resulting positive diagnosis without any inhibitions. The subsequent consultancy report clearly summarised our discussion which was most helpful. Clearly Dr Segal is a leading Cardiologist and a specialist in heart rhythm disorders and I have no hesitation in recommending him to both private and NHS patients.

by RD

My experience with Dr. Segal has been quite “life changing”. He is wonderful at explaining everything relating to my condition, and I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone. He is certainly one of the best health professionals I have ever dealt with.

by SH
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This is just a quick note to say thank you for the successful cardioversion you performed last Wednesday. I would particularly like to thank you for the way you explained what would be happening, as by doing so, you nullified my considerable concerns.

by EG

I would like to thank Dr Segal and his team for their professionalism and excellent patient care. Dr Segal explained everything very clearly and his pleasant manner put me entirely at my ease prior to the successful procedure being carried out. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Segal to anyone in the future.

by DM

In short , I found Dr. Segal’s website to be one of the most informative and understandable I have ever seen, he deals with complicated topics in a way that anybody can understand. It is a model of clarity and is an outstanding example of ‘plain English’. He is an excellent communicator both orally and with the written word. I have every confidence in him.

by GE
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It is not often that I can truthfully write, as now I do, that I have the pleasure in enclosing a cheque. Back in early December, when I had a to walk a short distance from Devonshire Street to Weymouth Street on one Monday morning, I thought that I might not actually manage it, even with the porter carrying my suitcase: now I feel (as they say) a new man. I am really extremely grateful to you for the untiring and – of course – successful efforts which you have made on behalf of a troublesome patient. Again, thank you very much.

by CL

I have had paroxysmal atrial fibrillation for many years. I was reaching the limit of my tolerance for it and was considering ablation treatment. I consulted Dr Segal. After conducting some tests he recommended a trial with an additional medication before considering ablation. In the 3 months since starting this medication I have not had any episodes of AF. Dr Segal answered all of my questions and concerns with clear explanations. I can thoroughly recommend him.

by HH

My experience with Dr Segal at The Harley Street Clinic was most satisfactory. The procedure was explained fully such that I was very confident as to the outcome. The overnight stay was comfortable and the recovery was swift, with little inconvenience. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Segal and his team for anyone needing cardiac treatment.

by Roger C
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Thank you for your valiant work. The ablation has worked! I found your attitude very positive and affirming from the start and your explanations simple and straightforward. I also thought you understood my fears as a ‘would-be athlete’, albeit ancient one.

by Michael H (retired)

I would like to thank Dr Segal for helping me with my atrial fibrillation over the past 18 months. Following ablation procedures he performed, I am now completely free of this condition and my tennis is never better! He is kind, easy to talk to, and always presents clear and thoroughly explained treatment options rather than pressurising you into a decision. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to anyone needing heart rhythm treatment.

by Ben (Senior Director)

I was so impressed with Dr Segal’s professional and friendly approach. Even with fairly run-of-the-mill ectopic heartbeats, he took the time to listen and fully explain the test results. I came away knowing what I needed to and with a clear idea of any next steps. The efficient secretarial support for the appointment and follow-up was also much appreciated.

by Emily D

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Qualified in 1995 in United Kingdom

Registrations and licensing

  • General Medical Council (GMC)

    Registration no.: 4209250
    Date of registration: 07-Aug-1996

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