Neighbourhood Midwives

Neighbourhood Midwives

Neighbourhood Midwives: Private midwifery practice in London

Neighbourhood Midwives is a private midwifery service, founded by four independent midwives. With practices based in South London, Neighbourhood Midwives' ultimate aim is to make a difference to maternity care across England. It offers women the choice of fully insured midwifery care through a unique, personal, dependable, convenient and safe service. Neighbourhood Midwives' vision is for every woman to have a positive experience of childbirth with support and guidance from a private midwife she will know and trust.

Why choose private and independent midwifery care from Neighbourhood Midwives?

Neighbourhood Midwives' belief is that at the core of a safe childbirth experience, is the relationship between a woman and her midwife. This is why their service is based on a selection of important principles:

  • A personal approach: You will have your own midwife, ensuring that your individual needs will be catered to. This means you will meet your midwife early in your pregnancy and really get to know her and trust her in the coming months.
  • A dependable service: Your midwife is available 24/7 to provide advice and support during your pregnancy, labour and postnatal stage. 
  • A convenient service: The midwives are based in a small community-based practice, meaning your midwife will be local to you. Every appointment can be organised for a time and a place that suits you, at work or at home. Additionally, the midwife is able to provide advice on the phone at any time, day or night, as well as providing ad hoc visits.
  • A safe service: Neighbourhood Midwives is fully insured and all midwives work based on extensive midwifery guidelines and using the most up to date research. Neighbourhood Midwives works closely with their NHS colleagues to make sure that you have accessibility to additional care if needed. They are also registered with the Care Quality Commission.

Maternity care from experienced private midwives in London with Neighbourhood Midwives

Throughout your pregnancy
Throughout the antenatal period, your midwife will visit you regularly until the baby is born, checking everything is going well, as well as addressing any issues and concerns. The service is available 24/7, and they can also provide information on other aspects of the pregnancy such as exercise, nutrition, antenatal education or alternative practitioners. 

Throughout your labour
When you go into labour, the midwife will come to check on your progress and provide support throughout the labour. Wherever you choose to have your baby, the midwife will ensure that you have enough space and are in the position that you need to be. The evidence shows that having the same midwife throughout pregnancy can reduce interventions and increase the chances of having an uncomplicated birth. 

If the birth is at home, then the midwife will provide full midwifery care throughout the labour and birth and will stay to help with the baby's first feed and to make sure that both mother and child are comfortable before leaving.

If the birth is at hospital, or you need extra assistance from a hospital, then the midwife will arrange this and give support until the baby is born. The midwife will act as an advocate and can organise for you to be discharged to go home. 

During the first six weeks
Getting to know your baby is a very special time for parents. The aim of Neighbourhood Midwives is to enable you to develop your breastfeeding skills and adapt to new life with your baby. The midwife will come and visit you daily for the first few days and then slowly space out the visits as you gain confidence. However, you can always contact your midwife via phone or email if you have have any questions. 

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