Addiction treatment

Addiction treatment

Addiction is a treatable condition. The first phase of the treatment is withdrawal from the substance/activity. This could result in withdrawal symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, chills and sweats, muscle cramps and aches, sleeplessness, shifts in heart rate, even fever, depression, anxiety, irritability, and mood swings. While they are rarely life-threatening, medical supervision is usually provided in residential treatment programmes, and medications may be given to alleviate the acute discomfort of withdrawal. Behavioral therapy and counseling are important elements of treatment. Family therapy may be provided to help the patient maintain a supportive environment and improve family functioning. Rehabilitation programmes are often needed to help patients regain necessary job and other skills.

Get addiction help

Get addiction help

Addiction Helper is a confidential service for people with addictions, created by people in recovery.

  • FREE Advice incl NHS & Private
  • Bespoke treatment options
  • Access to 100s of drug & alcohol rehab centres
  • Direct access to treatment counsellors
  • No.1 In the UK & featured in national media

Use Addiction Helper if you are seeking free advice, an intervention, detox/home detox, rehab or aftercare/counselling.

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Guide to going private

Guide to going private

20 page PDF guide to "going private" for insured and self-paying patients.

  • Advice on choosing a doctor and hospital
  • Checklist for comparing providers
  • Understanding prices

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