Which beauty treatment do the likes of Kim Kardashian, Kerry Katona and Rupert Everett have in common? The answer is PRP therapy which is also known as a 'vampire facial'.

You might’ve seen some (occasionally gory) pictures of celebrities with little dots of blood on a rather red face. In reality it really is not as gory or alarming as certain pictures might suggest. It’s an increasingly popular medical beauty treatment and nothing to be scared of!

What is the 'vampire facial'?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a treatment whereby your own blood plasma is put back into your skin to kick-start your natural repair system. Originating in 1987 during open heart surgery and then used to treat injured racehorses, as with many cosmetic surgery treatments, it has since been developed for more commercial use. Sportsmen John Terry and Tiger Woods have been known to use it to help injuries heal. In 2010 due to the popularity of the Twilight Saga, PRP was renamed and came to the attention of the rich and famous. 

The 'vampire facial' process

A blood sample will be taken, just like when you have a blood test with your local GP. The blood then gets processed in a centrifuge to take the plasma away from the red and white blood cells. The plasma is then put back into your body through a series of well-placed facial injections triggering your natural mechanisms for tissue repair in order to encourage new blood vessel formation and more collagen production.

Some patients are wary of PRP because it involves blood and they worry about safety or pain but The Private Clinic can assure you this treatment is perfectly safe and highly effective when performed by a qualified and experienced practitioner. Many patients liken it to having Botox or filler.

What does the 'vampire facial' do?

The treatments work to alleviate lines, improve skin tone, banish dark circles and has even been successful on stretch marks. Your skin will have a naturally healthy glow and is a perfect alternative to surgery.  It typically takes about three sessions to benefit fully from the treatment. At about four to six weeks after the third session you should see a significant improvement in the aforementioned areas.

PRP therapy is not just for the face it can be used on most of the body with the most popular areas being the neck, hands and décolletage, the face remains the most popular place though. Hair loss sufferers have also been known to have PRP to their scalp to strengthen the roots and improve overall hair thickness.

If PRP sounds like something you’d be interested in please take a look at The Private Clinic's website or call 03339209135 for more information or to book in to see an expert. They encourage patients to research as much as possible before coming in. When you come in for a free consultation they can assess all your skin concerns and devise a suitable treatment plan personalised to you and your skin needs.

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