When it comes to breast surgery, there are several different procedures available, suited to various needs and achieving different results.

Experts in breast surgery, award-winning cosmetic group, The Private Clinic, explore the range of breast surgery options, what is involved in each procedure, and when each could be suitable for you.

Bilateral breast augmentation

What? A popular choice for those unhappy with their breasts size or plumpness, breast enlargement uses implants to increase the size or volume of your breasts, improve their shape, provide a fuller appearance and achieve a more symmetrical look. This is best for patients experiencing minimal sagging and drooping, with their nipples placed still quite centrally on the breasts.

There are various implant options to choose from, achieving different finishes. For example, in addition to options in size, there are different implant shapes and projections available, and you can choose to have the implant under or above the muscle.

How? In the procedure, breast implants are inserted through a small incision. There are 3 potential incision sites that could be used but it is often along the natural crease of the breast. After the implants insertion, dissolvable stitches may be used to secure the incision, and a support bra or bandages will be placed on you.

Breast uplift

What? If your breasts are sagging with more severe drooping, or empty and you are not happy with your breasts shape or nipples position, a mastopexy procedure (breast uplift) may be the best option for you. Mastopexy procedures are designed to improve the overall shape, the perkiness of the chest area and improve the nipples position.

How? Breast uplift procedures involve removing excess skin so the remaining skin is tightened and the nipple is moved to a higher position, leaving a firmer-looking appearance.

Breast uplift and implant

What? If you are looking to increase the size of the size and volume of your bust, as well as achieved more perkiness and a ‘lifted’ appearance, you are able to combine a breast uplift and breast enlargement procedure.

How? The breast uplift procedure and breast enlargement, with insertion of implants, can be performed at the same time, or on two separate occasions, which your surgeon will advise you on.

Breast reduction

What? If large, heavy, and sagging breasts are resulting in cosmetic or health problems or you may find it tricky to carry on with sporting activities, Surgical breast reduction (mammoplasty) may be effective for you, which is aimed at decreasing the overall weight, size and volume of your breasts. Oversized breasts can not only be a nuisance, but also cause physical discomfort and pain, and for some, caused reduced self-esteem and confidence.

How? In the procedure excess skin, fat and glandular tissue is removed to achieve a new, improved shape and size to suit your body. In some cases, a breast uplift can be performed at the same time, to reshape the breasts, reposition the nipples and give the breasts a youthful, lifted contour.

Tubular breast

What? Tubular breasts (otherwise known as tuberous breasts) are an abnormality of the breast shape. Tuberous breasts have a tight and narrow base and are often pointed or oval in shape. Tuberous breasts can often be asymmetric and the areola area is commonly domed and enlarged.

How? Tuberous breasts can be resolved using cosmetic surgery and the best technique is dependent on their severity and your desired result. Often a specialised breast augmentation method is used for releasing constricted tissue, increasing the volume and stretching the tissue. Some patients could require an areola reduction or mastopexy (breast uplift) procedure to tighten their breasts if they do not want to have breasts implants.

In the procedure, the surgeon would carry out an internal releasing of the constrict tissue. This will widen the breasts base. An implant may then be used to increase the breasts volume and stretch the skin, creating a more natural, rounder breast shape. Or a breast uplift (mastopexy procedure) may be used as an alternative to implants. If the areolas are unable to be stretched out with the implant only, an areola reduction could also be required, reducing the areolas’ size and tightening the breast slightly, leaving less prominent areolas.


What? You may be looking into breast implant replacement for health or cosmetic reasons. The implant may no longer suit your shape and you are looking to up or down size, or they are at the end of their lifetime and you have been advised to replace them by your cosmetic surgeon. There also may be medical reasons for replacement such as ruptured implants or capsular contracture.

How? During implant replacement procedures, your surgeon will use your current scars to make a small incision to remove your old implants, and then proceed to replace the implant. The surgeon may need to undertake a capsulectomy (removing thick capsules which have formed around the implants) if you have chosen to increase the implant size to allow room for the implants larger volume.


What? Some patients may choose to remove implants completely because of medical or cosmetic issues, with breast implant removal surgery. Some patients decide they would prefer to have a more natural appearance and chose to have their implants removed.

How? To remove the implant entirely, the surgeon will make a small incision along the breast crease, and simply remove the breast implant from the area. The surgeon will then stitch back up the area.

The Private Clinic

The Private Clinic present top, specialist surgeons for breast surgery, including some of the UK’s most recognised Consultant Plastic Surgeons, with decades of experience in their respective procedure. Dedicated to excellence in patient care, the cosmetic group offers patients the highest standard of service, care and aftercare throughout their journeys, and provides patients state-of-the-art hospital facilities in their clinics nationwide.

Find out more about The Private Clinic’s portfolio of breast surgery options. Visit the cosmetic groups website for more information on their breast augmentation, breast uplift, breast uplift and implants, surgical breast reduction, Tubular breasts correction , breast implant replacement and breast implant removal procedures.

If you would like to book a consultation with a leading specialist surgeon with The Private Clinic please call 0333 920 9135 or book via their website. Consultations are also available with patient advisors in their clinics nationwide, of whom you can meet prior to a surgeon consultation, for more information about the procedure.

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