Vaser Liposuction – Frequently Asked Questions

Vaser Liposuction is rocketing in popularity as a fat removal option. Removing fat in a different way to traditional liposuction, the procedure is much quicker, less invasive and requires shorter recovery time. Ideal for busy lives!

A decision not to be taken lightly, contemplating Vaser Liposuction requires extensive research. To get you on your way, The Private Clinic answer important, commonly asked questions about the procedure. Giving you trust in their responses, The Private Clinic are the leading provider of Vaser Liposuction in the UK and have performed more of the procedure than any other UK clinic.

So what is Vaser Liposuction?

Vaser Liposuction involves the removal of those unwanted and impossible to shift areas of fat.

Unfortunately, some areas of the body are inclined to store fat, despite how hard we try with healthy eating and exercise. For those aiming to achieve a fully athletic shape, this can be challenging! An extremely popular remedy, and the most effective, from The Private Clinic’s experience, Vaser Liposuction addresses such areas to help achieve the sculpted, contoured and defined physique you desire. A happy farewell to pesky stubborn fat!

Where can I have it?

Vaser Liposuction is commonly used on those hard-to-tone areas of the body. It can be used on a large range of areas, although, it’s often used for the thighs, arms, flanks, abdomen and jaw line.

Who is eligible?

Suitable patients will have an average BMI, and be looking to remove small fatty amounts from particular areas, that they’ve struggled to lose despite efforts in diet and exercise. Vaser Liposuction can also be a great option for those looking to define the muscles further!

How does it work?

During the minimally invasive procedure, an advanced ultrasound will destroy the fat before it is removed from the body. This means only the fat is discarded, and no surrounding tissues become damaged in the process. The fat is subsequently removed using a gentle suction process.

When will I see the results?

An advantage of Vaser Liposuction is that many patients will see results immediately. The areas treated will show the greatest improvement in appearance, however, approximately 5/6 weeks following the procedure. Nevertheless, progress differs for everyone; it can be up to a year before some patients see the final results.

What is the downtime and recovery like?

Performed under local anaesthetic, no overnight hospital stay is required. You really can return home that same day. A few days downtime is necessary, but don’t worry, you can return to your day-to-day activities relatively quickly. Exceptions are sports or an active job, which may require delay for approximately a week.

You will experience some bruising and swelling post procedure, but this will lessen significantly within a few weeks.

What are the different types of Vaser Liposuction and which is best for me?

There are several variants of the Standard Vaser Liposuction procedure, differing in the results they can achieve. These include Vaser Mid-Def, Vaser High-Def, Vaser 4D and Vaser 360

If you’re looking for very subtle, natural results, Standard Vaser Liposuction can be the best option. For those aiming for more defined muscles with athletic toning, Vaser Hi-Def or Mid-Def may be more appropriate, with Vaser Hi-Def being the more extreme option, giving clients an elite athlete definition. For improved proportions, more defined muscles, fat removal and body sculpting, while achieving natural-looking results, Vaser 4D is a great option. Vaser 360, on the other hand is a specialist 360 technique for treating the thighs, upper legs and buttock crease, resulting in firmer, more toned legs.

At your consultation, your surgeon will recommend which variant is most suitable for you.

The Private Clinic are proud to present sought after expert Vaser Liposuction doctors, representing pioneers in the procedure with decades of experience. Free consultations with a specialist surgeon can be booked by calling 0333 920 9135 or via The Private Clinic's website.

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