Stay healthy while travelling

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Whether you’re planning a family holiday to the countryside or abroad to a sunny beach, your health should also be on your packing list.

Stretch on long flights

If you are stationary for at least hours on a flight, you can develop deep vein thrombosis (DVT), blood clots in deep veins.

Always take the opportunities of low turbulence to stand up and walk about, stretch your legs before and after sitting for long periods of time.

Sun care

When going anywhere sunny, always keep a bottle of sun cream and a large hat handy to limit your chances of dehydration or sunstroke.

Bug spray

Use a bug spray and/or netting in tropical destinations to keep mosquitos and midges away. Garlic tablets and citrus candles can also help keep bugs away.

Carry the essentials

One of the easiest ways to stay healthy while travelling is to always carry tissues and antibacterial wipes or gel. When travelling with little ones, double up the reserves on nappies, wipes and bin bags.

While these are no substitute for thoroughly washing your hands, antibacterial gels and wipes can help make public surfaces such as seat trays and arm rests a little cleaner.

Sources: NHS 

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Stay healthy while travelling