The impact of tragic news and social media

15 June 2017

Today social media and phones keep us connected at all time. Indeed, we received live news everytime and everywhere, which can makes us feel overwhelmed, distressed and even pessimistic when reading tragic news.

What impact does it have on us?

Being connected at all time makes it difficult to protect ourselves and can affect our emotional wellbeing.

Dr Laura Thomas, a counselling psychologist at Nightingale Hospital, which opened Britain’s first technology addiction clinic in 2010, explains:

“Constant connections to social media and news can keep people feeling like they are well informed and connected to the world at large and a part of a bigger community,”

“However, you only ever get a certain version of events as reported in any media, which leads to a false sense of knowledge or understanding.”

How to improve our emotional health?

In order to improve your emotional health you can look for positive stories in the news, for example how people helped each others or offer solidarity on the aftermath of a tragic event. Also, stay connected with your loved ones and limit the time spend online to read the news will help you to protect yourself.

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