Back to school: Illnesses to look out for

No matter how seriously you take your child’s hygiene, when they go back to school or nursery, they may at some point contract a childhood illness. Children in small spaces are bound to pass on contagious diseases, but there are ways to ensure your child is not ill for too long.

1. Handwashing  

Make sure that your child knows to wash their hands after using the bathroom, playing outside, before they touch food or after they have coughed or sneezed. School illnesses are contagious, so the best chance you have to keep your child healthy is to make sure they know basic hygiene. 

2. 5 A Day

Make sure that your children are regularly eating their 5 a day of fruits and vegetables, as we all know, the healthier and more varied diets are, the less likely we are to pick up common illnesses. Iron rich vegetables such as spinach are great ways to help keep school illnesses at bay- just maybe hide it in food for fussy eaters! 

3. Keep them active

Winter seems to always be right round the corner as soon as school starts, and it can be difficult to encourage your child to play outside in the cold and rain! Why not instead play active games with them indoors- there a lots of indoor sports that you can play on the Wii if you have one, or taking the family on a long walk (just wrap up warm!) 

4. Early nights! 

Your child will probably be tired at night after starting back at school, but they are more likely to sleep longer, especially as the nights are longer in the winter months. A good night’s sleep is always helpful to staying healthy!  

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