Hip replacement recovery time: Derek

Nuffield Health client Derek, went from unbearable pain that forced him to walk with a stick to playing squash in less than seven months. Explore the short history of Derek's hip with this interactive timeline.


June 2014

Unbearable hip pain

Increasing pain in Derek's hip becomes so bad that he's unable to stand up straight and is forced to walk with a stick. It's a major blow for Derek, who prides himself on staying fit and healthy.

August 2014

Consultation and diagnosis

Realising the pain isn't going anywhere, Derek makes an appointment to see a Consultant at Nuffield Health Woking Hospital. He's sent for an X-ray which reveals a spur on the socket of his left hip. He's advised a hip replacement is the best course of action.

29 September 2014

Hip replacement surgery

Derek chooses to delay surgery until after a planned holiday. The operation to fully replace his left hip takes just over an hour. He is on his feet the very same day with the help of a physiotherapist.

2 October 2014

Returning home after hip surgery

Derek is discharged on the morning of his third day in hospital. He's been taught to use crutches correctly, including techniques for getting in and out of cars and negotiating stairs.

18 October 2014

Physiotherapy guided recovery

Derek's recovery is incredibly swift. After getting the all clear from his physiotherapist, Derek hands back his crutches and walks unaided less than three weeks after his operation.

20 October 2014

Derek begins Recovery Plus programme

As part of his aftercare, Derek begins a free three-month Recovery Plus programme to accelerate his recovery with the help of a specialist personal trainer.

25 December 2014

Hip recovery well underway

Derek is walking an impressive seven miles by Christmas and feels well on the way to recovery.

January 2015

Fit for the new year

By January Derek is back on the squash court enjoying a gentle hit, less than seven months after he needing a walking aid.

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