Fantastic smiles on your perfect day...

That dress, the flowers, the bridesmaids, your parents, relatives and, of course, your friends! You’ve worked hard to make sure that your special day will be all that you ever wanted it to be. We know you will want everything about your day to be perfect so we have put together your smile guide to ensure your record of the day is as perfect as possible.

This article has been provided by Dr Teresa Day, BDS LDSRCS, Clinical Director of Appledore Clinic, a private dentistry clinic with locations in Milton Keynes, Bucks, and Binfield, Berkshire.

Perfect smiles

Most dental problems can be treated successfully, you may need just one treatment which can take an hour, or you may need 18 to 24 months of treatment, to ensure you have the best visuals on your wedding DVD and photographs so please think ahead.

Ask these questions for either yourself, your partner or family and friends:

Do you, or they, have:

  • Crowded or protruding teeth?
  • Gaps or missing teeth?
  • Spaces where teeth used to be?
  • Dentures that don’t fit as well as they should?
  • Unsightly fillings or crowns?
  • Chipped, cracked or worn teeth?
  • Odd shaped and sized teeth?
  • Incorrectly proportioned teeth?
  • Dull or discoloured teeth?
  • Too much gum showing when smiling?
  • Fine lines and wrinkles?

All the above are problems that can mar your DVD and photographs and make your day less than perfect, but don’t worry – we can solve them all!

There are various orthodontic ways to straighten your teeth; the latest treatment is Invisalign. This system uses a system of almost invisible plastic aligners and is widely used in the United States. Many UK celebrities are now wearing Invisalign aligners – but no-one except their dentist knows!

The Invisalign system has many advantages:

  • Invisible aligners – even close up people will not know - unless you tell them;
  • Comfortable to wear, no train tracks, no wires;
  • Safer when playing contact sports;
  • Removable – eating, flossing and brushing are no problem;
  • Shorter appointments needed at the dentist, much more convenient for busy people.

This system still takes many months so please ensure you don’t leave it too late.

Crowns, inlays and veneers

Quality high strength porcelain restorations in one visit with no impressions needed.

The Cerec 3 state-of-the-art technology enables you to have an inlay, crown or veneer in one visit. Instead of taking messy impressions, a special 3D photograph of your tooth is input into the computer. A few mouse clicks later, the information is sent by a radio beam to the milling machine which makes your new inlay crown or veneer in high strength porcelain, while you wait. The whole process from you walking in the door to leaving with your newly restored tooth takes about one and a half hours. This means you can have single visit treatments, no temporary crowns and totally metal free restorations.

Not suitable for all patients so please make your appointment in plenty of time to ensure you are smiling on the special day.

Porcelain Veneers are thin porcelain coverings, similar to false fingernails. They are dentally ‘superglued’ to your natural tooth tissue, and can be used to disguise the original colour, shade or shape of your natural tooth; in fact, any facet that you find embarrassing about your teeth. If these are laboratory made, this can take some weeks before you are fully happy with the results.


Bonding can make your teeth look like new. If you have chipped your front teeth, this is often a cheaper alternative to veneers. It can also be used to cover up uneven front teeth. This is a treatment that is usually sorted out in one visit in one to two hours and can be done the day before your wedding if necessary.

Dental implants

Are you the bride or groom and don’t want to take your teeth out on your wedding night? Do you have a member of your wedding party who will have problems when the food comes round, as their teeth let them down?

With dental implants these problems can be a thing of the past, however implants are complex and treatment can take around 3 months – if you don’t want to be wearing your temporary crowns ensure you book your implant appointment in plenty of time.


In-house power whitening can change the way you look fairly easily. Stained teeth are one of the major aging things about us as teeth naturally stain and darken with age. White teeth make everyone look younger. This treatment takes about 1-2 hours but will leave your teeth sensitive for a couple of days and you will also need to be careful what you eat and drink for about 24 hours. So, if you think whitening is for you, ensure you book this at least one week in advance of your wedding.

Gum reshaping

Gum reshaping is a treatment often used to correct unsightly gums and to make your teeth look longer.  As it is an invasive technique you will need time to heal, allow at least 2 months before the wedding so you can smile with confidence.

Facial cosmetics

Facial cosmetics are now available to all, not just celebrities. If you have facial lines and wrinkles that you would like to have removed there are various options you can choose. Most of these are best treated some months before the big day to allow the products to do their job properly. All these treatments are safe and relatively pain-free and will give you the results you are aiming for – to look younger, less stressed and ultimately happier in the DVD and photographs!

We hope this has been of some assistance in the planning of your big day, and hope it is as perfect as you plan it to be.

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Fantastic smiles on your perfect day...