Crack your phone habit

8 May 2017

The latest statistics show one in eight of us could have a phone addiction.

Dr Richard Graham, Lead Technology Addiction Consultant Psychiatrist at Nightingale Hospital asks you: “Does using the device give you a buzz? Perhaps it makes you feel relaxed? If the answer is yes, I’d be concerned.”

The warning signs

  1. Your phone is your crutch
  2. You prefer online life to real life
  3. Obsessive compulsive checking
  4. Nomophobia

The Dangers of overuse:

  1. A lack of caring
  2. Loneliness and depression
  3. Distraction
  4. Sleep issues

Top tips for device detox:

  1. z-App your phone issues
  2. Dumb down your device
  3. Have screen-free periods
  4. Practice mindfulness

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