Cosmetic Surgery After Sports Injuries

Injuries in sports are unfortunately all too common, with the hitting, crushing and nasty falls associated with various sports. This blog post focuses on two frequently occurring injuries or consequences that can occur in a wide range of sporting activities – a fractured nose, and scarring, and your cosmetic surgery solutions for resolving these.

Nose Surgery after Sports Injuries

Nasal fractures are the most frequently injured facial bones, occurring through a variety of sports, such as boxing, baseball and rugby. And what can you do about it? Either immediately after trauma and before swelling starts, or in the first two weeks post trauma after swelling has minimised, the technique of Simple Closed Reduction can be used. This is where bones are simply realigned to their original position. Although, in some cases, this is not sufficient and surgery is required to align the bones properly. After trauma, patients should therefore immediately visit an emergency department or primary care provider, who will refer you to a surgeon who will evaluate and treat your injuries.

If you are after the two week stage, your bones have started to or have set and cannot be resolved with Simple Closed Reduction. There is a solution, however. Fractured noses that have not been set, badly displaced noses, and also those that have not healed sufficiently after being reset, may all be corrected with Rhinoplasty (surgical nose reshaping). Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure which can reshape the nose to reverse the effects of the injury on the nasal appearance, and if required, breathing. This is something our expert rhinoplasty surgeons can help with. If you have also been left with a deviated septum after trauma (when the septum has been displaced to one side), affecting nasal breathing, septoplasty could be performed simultaneously. Your surgeon will evaluate if this is required.

What happens in the procedure? In the rhinoplasty surgery, careful incisions will be made to access damaged or deviated impacted tissue, or any tissue obstructing the nasal airway, which can be discarded or repositioned. For some patients, grafts could be required for greater support. If the fracture is the result of a forceful blow, you may also have fracture of the cartilage, and the procedure would resolve your cartilage and bone injuries. Complex breaks could necessitate more involved surgeries. Your rhinoplasty procedure would be tailored to the severity of the trauma experienced, in addition to your functional and aesthetic goals – patients can also ask the surgeon to resolve other nasal defects, for example, a bulbous tip, bump along the bridge or oversized nostrils. Regarding the technique used, advanced open or closed surgery are both options available and your surgeon will assess the best method for your case.

For Rhinoplasty Surgery after sports injuries, The Private Clinic are able to offer renowned highly experienced Consultant Plastic Surgeons with specialist knowledge in reconstruction, who achieve outstanding results.


Scars from injury are common in several sports, from boxing, soccer, skateboarding and cycling, which can lead to nasty cuts and scrapes, to hockey where the face is uncovered and left vulnerable to impact from sticks, pucks or people. And these scars are usually permanent. If the scar is troubling you, there are highly effective scar reduction options available.

For scars from such sporting injuries, Surgical Scar Excision may be the best option, which can reduce the size of or reposition scars. Available techniques for Surgical Scar Excision include the following:

  • Excision and Direct Skin Closure: This technique requires cutting out the scar, followed by drawing and stitching together the surrounding skin, to leave a much neater, new scar
  • Excision and skin grafting: The scar is cut out and replaced with a skin graft, taken from a healthy area of the body. The skin grafts can be either full thickness or partial
  • Excision and repositioning: This method again necessitates cutting out the scar, while changing its direction so it runs alongside a relaxed and natural skin tension line

At The Private Clinic, they will offer you medical assessment and scar treatment, within their state-of-the-art rooms for minor surgery, at one of their clinics nearest to you. You will be treated by some of the county’s most experienced surgeons and doctors, including top Consultant Dermatologists, who are all highly skilled in surgical scar excision, and have the ability to treat different severities of scarring.

Many clinics are unable to treat patients who have darker skin, due to the difficulty of delivering the desired results, or due a lack of the specific skills required. However, at The Private Clinic, our practitioners have effectively treated hundreds of patients, and have built up the required experience to achieve excellent results every time.

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Cosmetic Surgery After Sports Injuries

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