Concerns over screen time

The Independent  – 14 April 2017

Dr Richard Graham, a consultant psychiatrist at the private London mental health hospital the Nightingale Hospital, where he runs a specialist technology addiction clinic told Metro what parents should look out for to know if their child is at risk of smartphone addiction:

“Is their device use disturbing activities?” he said.

“Is it stopping them from going to school, or engaging in other activities such as having dinner with the family? When someone seems absolutely not able to stop, they’re losing control”.

A recent survey of 1,500 parents found that, on average, UK children own their first mobile phone by the age of seven, followed by a tablet aged eight and a smartphone aged 10.

Dr Graham said parents should lead by example and limit their own use of mobile devices, and plan designated tech-free family time.

“Outdoor activities can be particularly beneficial to children who struggle to disconnect. There’s something about those outdoor, immersive experiences that really helps tech-addicted children. Even just going swimming, going to a football match, or going to the cinema can have a positive effect.”

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Concerns over screen time