It’s no secret that high-quality laser eye surgery isn’t cheap.

In fact, to the average person, receiving Laser Eye Surgery under the guidance of an expert surgeon can seem somewhat of a luxury.

With fees stretching up to and beyond £3000 per eye, it’s clear to see why. And with a weak array of alternative methods for correcting vision, this can leave many people feeling stuck with a life framed by glasses or hindered by contact lenses. Or potentially even more worryingly, lead them to compensate on their health and settle for cheap Laser Eye Surgery.

This is a clear problem; being able to see the world clearly is one of the most essential and important factors in living a good life. Therefore, it goes without saying that safe and effective Laser Eye Surgery should be available to all. At London Vision Clinic, going by their suitability rate of 98 percent of people who contact them, and their affordable finance payment options, they believe they’re making that happen.

World-class Laser Eye Surgery is more affordable than you think

You’ll be pleased to know that doesn’t mean entering into a questionable finance agreement with credit providers, many of which come with lengthy small print and can quickly rack up interest fees.

At London Vision Clinic on Harley Street in London, they offer an interest-free payment plan that you can pay over the course of up to two years. This can help spread the upfront investment of Laser Eye Surgery and make world class safety, service, and treatments available from as little as £184 a month.

Their Interest Fee Financing Scheme offers patients two options: to pay for the cost of their treatment over twelve or twenty-four months. You can see an example of the pricing structure and what services are included in our LASIK, Laser Blended Vision, and High Profile Treatment options here. A deposit is required at the time of booking the procedure which will either be refunded if you are found to be ineligible for surgery or be used towards the treatment cost.

Paying for Laser Eye Surgery is not always as simple as it could be. High street providers have the tendency to advertise cost-cutting deals and time-sensitive promotions to lure people through the door, only for them to find the cost is not for their prescription and doesn’t include wavefront analysis or aftercare.

At London Vision Clinic, they’ve compiled several of the most frequently asked pricing questions to help you navigate the sea of Laser Eye Surgery pricing and feel fully equipped when choosing your clinic.

When dealing with something as important as your eyesight, you want to put your faith in a clinic you can trust. To find out more about payment options at London Vision Clinic leave a comment or if you’d like to book a consultation, call 020 7224 1005.

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