Breast implant removal: the options

There are many reasons why patients would choose to remove their breast implants but luckily for them there are a wide range of different implant removal options to help them achieve the best results.

Breast implant removal

A breast implant removal procedure is ideal for patients who simply want to remove their implants and have no additional surgery following this. Following a breast implant removal procedure, breasts tend to return to how they were before surgery. If it has been a long time then it is important to remember that the breasts will still have aged over this time and if the implant was particularly big and in for a number of years then slight sagging may occur. In most cases this does rectify itself over time but if this is something that does concern you it would be best to seek advice from your surgeon to get a realistic expectation of what the appearance of the breasts is going to be following a removal.

Breast implant replacement

A breast implant replacement, exchange or re-augmentation procedure is where the breast implants are removed and then replaced with others of a similar or different size, shape, brand or profile. When it comes to exchanging your implants, there will be some limitations in place in regards to how big or how small you can go, which your surgeon will be able to discuss with you in more detail at your consultation.

Breast auto-augmentation

A breast auto-augmentation procedure is a good option for patients who wish to remove their breast implants but are concerned about losing too much volume, especially in the upper portion of the chest. An auto-augmentation uses the patient’s own natural breast tissue to reshape and reconstruct the breast into a more uplifted position; replicating the effect of an implant but it is completely natural.


An enbloc is a variation of the breast implant removal procedure where instead the implant is removed whilst still being inside the intact scar tissue capsule. In some cases a full enbloc is not possible where capsule tissue is very thin or tightly attached to the chest wall. In these cases you may instead need to have a breast capsulectomy procedure but this will all be discussed with your surgeon at consultation.


A capsulectomy is most often performed when the patient is experiencing symptoms of capsular contracture which is where the lining of the implant (the capsule) becomes tight and can cause pain and distortion to the chest. There are two different techniques; a capsulectomy is when the capsule is removed from the implant and a capsulotomy is when the capsule is divided to release the implant. Once the capsule is removed the patient then has the option to remove or replace the implant.

Breast implant removal with combined uplift

A breast implant removal with breast uplift or mastopexy is a combined procedure that aims to tighten up any loose skin after the breast implant has been removed and relocate the nipple to achieve a more uplifted appearance.

Breast implant removal at The Private Clinic

At The Private Clinic you can be sure that you are in the best hands for your breast implant removal procedure. They have a team of consultant plastic surgeons who come with many years of experience in breast surgery doing all that they can to ensure that patients achieve their desired results. As well as a team of top surgeons, Private Clinic patients also receive dedicated post-operative care and appointments with their surgeon and nursing team, including access to a 24 hour help line should you have any questions or concerns at any time throughout your recovery.

Mr Adrian Richards, MBBS, MSc, FRCS (Plast.) GMC Number: 3286812

Mr Navid Jallali BSc MB ChB (Hons) MD FRCS (Plast.)   GMC Number: 4404969

Mr Dario Rochira BS, MD GMC Number: 6130664

Mr Davood Fallahdar FRCS (Plast.) Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (Plastic) GMC Number: 4686602

Ms Lyndsey Highton, BM BCh (Oxon) MA FRCS (Plast.) GMC Number: 6128243

Mr Philip Lim BSc (Hons), MB ChB, AFRCS (Ed), MRCS (Eng), FRCS (Plast.) GMC Number: 4219068

Mr Olubowale, MB ChB, MSc (Sheffield), FRCSI, FRCSI (Gen Surg) GMC Number 6044974

Mr Maisam Fazel  MA (Cantab) MB BChir MSEd FRCS GMC Number: 4767420

Mr Mobinulla Syed MBBS, MSc, PhD, FRCS (Plast.) GMC Number: 6035480

Mr Prashant Govilkar, MBBS MS MCh FRCS (Plast.) GMC Number: 4258041

Mr Adel Fattah, FRCS (Plast.) GMC Number: 4764599

Mr Kenneth Kok MBChB MRCS MSc (Hons) FRCS (Plast.)   GMC Number: 4701147

To find out more about breast implant removal surgery at The Private Clinic, visit their website or give them a call on 03339209135 to book a consultation.

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