Breast enlargement: best implant placement and size

With breast enlargement there are several options to choose for your implants, including their positioning (over or under the muscle) and size, which are highly important decisions. A good surgeon will carefully evaluate and recommend the best choices for you.

The Private Clinic, offering top world-class top breast augmentation specialists, are here to explain the different implant positions and how your implant size is calculated.

Will my implant be over or under the muscle?

With breast enlargement, the placement of your implants is a big decision, on which your surgeon will advise. The options for your implants’ placement are under the muscle, over the muscle and partially under the muscle, known as ‘Dual Plane,’ with the muscle in question being the pectoralis major muscle – a band of muscle coming from the shoulder downwards and attaching to your ribs and sternum.

Everyone’s body is unique and the best implant placement for you will depend on your breast shape, body type and desired result. Please see the different options explained below:

Under the muscle: Placing the implant entirely under your muscle is now rarely used, and considered an old fashioned technique by many surgeons. Implants in this positioning are more susceptible to distortion when tensing the muscles, which can create an unnatural appearance.

Dual Plane: Normally the most favoured technique, ‘Dual Plane’ means half under the muscle. In this technique the top half of the breast implant is covered by muscle, while the lower half of the implant is not covered by the muscle and covered by the breast tissue. Best for patients with little natural breast tissue, the technique reduces the chance of your implants showing and produces a more natural looking result.

Over the muscle: In “above the muscle” or “subglandular” positioning, the breast implant is positioned in front of your pectoralis minor and major muscles sitting in your chest. This is suitable for patients with a good amount of breast tissue, which would be able to conceal the shape of the implant and achieve a more natural result.

Adrian Richards, Medical Director of The Private Clinic and Plastic Surgeon expert specialising in breast surgery comments: “Generally if you are very slim with not much breast covering … narrow covering  over your breasts, under 3cm, we would generally recommend we need to have muscle coverage to soften the upper part of the breast. If you’ve got enough breast tissue often we can place the implant in front of the muscle.”

Which size is best for me?

The same size breast implants will give very different results in two patients, so the most suitable size will differ for everyone. Your breast enlargement surgeon is here to help choose the best size for you, ensuring your size suits your bodily proportions, and bearing in mind your preferences… Your surgeon will consider several factors, including your chest width, width of shoulders and hips, and your amount of breast tissue, to make an accurate decision about the range of implant sizes and shapes that are appropriate. Usually, you will be able to try on the range of recommended options using a sizer bra.

Also note that implants do not come in cup sizes. They are measured in weight, which known as CC (cubic centimetres).

Why The Private Clinic is special for breast enlargement

  • The Private Clinic offers UK leading breast enlargement surgeons, who have decades of experience and have performed thousands of breast surgeries. Surgeons have outstanding reputations in the industry with fellowship or membership of leading professional organisations for plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • Highest consideration to patient care and aftercare including offering all patients a comprehensive care package including a comprehensive patient guide, unlimited aftercare appointments for 3 years after the procedure, a 24 hour help-line, lifetime guarantee on your implants, and more
  • Perfected techniques for delivering outstanding, natural-looking results
  • 5 Star Trustpilot Rating and 93% of their patients would recommend The Private Clinic
  • Best Cosmetic Surgery Practise 2018 by MyFaceMyBody Awards

To find out more about breast enlargement at The Private Clinic, visit their website offering breast enlargement before and after photos, breast enlargement patient stories and more about the procedure. If you would like to arrange a breast enlargement consultation to discuss breast implant size, type of breast implant, under or over the muscle or any other aspect with The Private Clinic please call 0333 920 9135 or book via their website.

Consultations are available at The Private Clinic in LondonGlasgowBuckinghamshireBirminghamManchesterLeeds, NorthamptonMilton Keynes, Bristol and Chelmsford Essex.

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