Breast enlargement – the most frequently asked questions

Breast enlargement surgery, ‘boob job’, or a Breast Augmentation as it is called professionally, is a treatment that is very well discussed these days. However with so much speculation and misinformation The Private Clinic wanted to take a moment to answer some of the most commonly asked questions.

With a plastic surgery department continuing to expand nationally, and the addition of highly awarded consultant surgeon Mr Adrian Richards as medical director, you can feel confident The Private Clinic is a reliable source of information.

How long am I in hospital for?

The day. Yes that’s right, just one day. Breast augmentations are performed as day cases in hospitals such as The Private Clinic's new purpose built Fitzroy Square hospital in central London. The procedure is relatively fast taking about 45mins to 3 hours maximum. But you will be kept in for a little while after that to rest and be discharged officially by the surgeon and team once they are confident you are ready. 

What kind of bra do I wear?

Your surgical bra will be conveniently put on for you so you’ll wake with it on. You will wear that bra for about a month depending on your healing and instruction from your surgeon. You may need to temporarily wear a support bra when washing the surgical one. 

Once you are ready to move on to a normal bra it is advised you go for a fitting in a reputable store. Even though you would have been given an estimate size in your consultation it is best to get measured up as you can’t be 100% sure of your new size otherwise.

How do I shower?

You want to avoid getting the treated area wet. You will be able to shower about a week after surgery if you are very careful. Dab the area dry with a towel afterwards being gentle but ensuring that you dry it thoroughly leaving no dampness. Baths are not recommended until you are fully healed a month or two after surgery.

How do I sleep?

It will be beneficial for you to sleep on your back in a raised position for about six weeks. It’s not always easy for those of us who like to curl up or lie on our front but it is necessary. It minimises any discomfort or swelling and will help the recovery process because you don’t want to put pressure on the implants before they’ve fully settled into place.

When do I go back to work?

You can go back after about a week, some surgeons will suggest ten days. No stretching or lifting anything heavy for ten days or two weeks to be extra careful. If your job requires a lot of physical exertion you might want to take more time off, rest is everything in the early stages of recovery.

What about driving?

Much like going back to work wait until you’re totally ready. You must also wait until you’ve finished your course of medication because you can’t be drowsy at the wheel.

When will I be completely healed?

As a rough guide you will feel pretty much back to normal after two weeks, and your implants will take three months to settle as they gradually fall into your new shape.

If you have any concerns post-op then your surgeon will want to know.

At The Private Clinic they also have outpatient nurses and a round the clock emergency medical line. So you know they are there for you.

"Remember your body is our priority."

The Private Clinic are so proud to offer the best quality breast implants, with procedures performed by some of the UK’s top consultant plastic surgeons all of which are on the register for Plastic Surgery and are all members of BAPPS.

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