Best Christmas present for patients with leg ulcers

The best Christmas present for patients with leg ulcers is the chance of a permanent cure!

Most leg ulcers are venous leg ulcers. This means that the leg ulcer has been caused by vein problems in the legs.

Traditionally, nurses and doctors just compress these leg ulcers. The compression bandages squeeze the faulty veins. This corrects the venous flow sufficiently to temporarily heal the ulcer.

Of course, as soon as the compression is removed, the ulcer comes back again!

It has been known by vein specialists since the 1990s that we can permanently cure these leg ulcers. It is quite simple nowadays. We merely use local anaesthetic techniques to treat the underlying veins.

By doing this, most leg ulcers completely heal. Most patients do not need to wear compression to keep the leg ulcers healed.

UK wasting money on leg ulcer dressings and compression

There are about 500,000 people in the UK with leg ulcers. At any one time, approximately 125,000 of these leg ulcers are open sores.

The UK spends between £2 billion-£3 billion per year on leg ulcer dressings and compression.

It is less expensive to cure leg ulcers surgically!

The cure for a venous leg ulcer using local anaesthetic endovenous surgery is somewhere between £4,000 and £6,000 depending on exactly what is needed. This is approximately the same as one year of dressings!

Leg ulcer treatment revolution

The new book, leg ulcer treatment revolution explains exactly how these new local anaesthetic techniques work.

It explains why dressings and compression appeared to work, but are actually a waste of time and money in most patients.

At The Whiteley Clinics they have published their results over 12 years. They have shown that they can permanently cure 85% of their patients, with over half never needing to wear any compression stockings or bandages ever again.

So if you know anyone with a leg ulcer, give them the knowledge to cure their leg ulcer. Buy them “leg ulcer treatment revolution” and help them change their lives.

Leg ulcer treatment revolution:

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Best Christmas present for patients with leg ulcers

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