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Dentistry Statistics: Analysis, statistics, UK dental market survey and report for 2011

Title image - Dentistry: UK Market Report 2011


Dentistry: UK Market Report 2011

This new and updated Dentistry UK Market Survey 2011 (third edition), published by Laing & Buisson, provides the definitive review of the UK primary care dentistry market, now worth over £5.7bn, at this pivotal time for the dentistry sector under a new coalition government, and as the economy still bears the scars of recession.


Dentistry UK Market Survey 2011 analyses NHS and private primary care dentistry demand and supply as it stands today. The report analyses how past trends in NHS and private dentistry spending have shaped the primary care dentistry market over time, and the key drivers of future demand for dentistry which are likely to shape primary care dentistry over the next 5 years.



The Dentistry UK Market Report 2011 covers:

  • Key market spending statistics

  • Demand for dentistry

  • NHS dentistry trends

  • Private dentistry trends

  • Private dental plan market

  • Impact of government policy

  • Dentist supply trends

  • Corporate penetration and consolidation


The report publishes original key spending and activity statistics for the UK primary care dentistry sector.  The statistics are based on Laing & Buisson’s third Survey of Dental Practitioners in 2009/10 (endorsed by the Dental Practitioners Association),  Laing & Buisson’s annual Survey of UK Dental Plan Providers, and its comprehensive business and financial data research of corporate dentistry groups, past and present.

This unique report is essential reading for dentistry providers, investors, local and national commissioners and policy makers, dental plan providers, dental companies and major corporations, researchers, regulators, and dental associations and representatives.


Key tables and figures included in Dentistry UK Market Report 2011

  • Value of primary care dentistry in the UK by sector, 1981/82 – 2009/2010

  • Real growth of primary care dentistry (NHS & private), 1989/90 – 2009/10

  • Spending per capita on primary care dentistry in the UK, 1988/89 – 2009/2010, at constant 2009/2010 prices

  • Total spending on NHS primary care dentistry by NHS & patients in England, 1990/91 – 2009/10

  • NHS primary care dentistry courses of treatment in England, 1988/89-2009/10

  • Total spending on NHS primary care dentistry in Scotland & patients registered for NHS treatment, 2003/04 – 2009/10

  • Total spending on NHS primary care dentistry in Wales, patients seen & courses of treatment, 2003/2004 – 2009/2010

  • Gross spending on health service primary care dentistry in Northern Ireland, patients registered for health service treatment and health service treatments 2003/2004 – 2008/2009

  • Percentage of total patients in the UK treated on the NHS and treated privately, 1978 – 2009

  • Private primary care dentistry spending in the UK by funding source, 2009/10




What does Dentistry UK Market Report 2011 offer you?


Dentistry: a market review

Review of dentistry demand; NHS and private dentistry trends; current (2009/10) and past market value estimates by purchaser (NHS, NHS patients, private self-pay, private dental plan, total patients, total market); key market growth trends; dentistry supply trends; future market trends (NHS, private, dentist supply, corporate consolidation).

Demand for dentistry

Patient benefit from dentistry; factors affecting demand for dentistry; penetration of dentistry demand; spending on dentistry (per capita estimates); future demand for dentistry.

NHS primary care dentistry

Spending comparisons by country (per capita estimates); NHS primary care dentistry trends in England, Scotland, Wales, and health service dentistry trends in Northern Ireland, covering - activity (registrations, patients seen, courses of treatment), and spending (NHS and patient); regional analysis of activity in England and Wales.

Government policy

1990 & 1996 Conservative dentistry reforms; 1997-2006 policy under Labour; Labour’s 2006 dentistry reforms, and

Labour policy 2006-2010; future government policy – review of NHS reforms and prospects under the Coalition; review of government policy in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Private primary care dentistry

Private dentistry demand trends and factors influencing private demand; private supply trends and private supply factors; future trends and prospects for private dentistry.

Dental plans

Dental Plan Market Review – key statistics on policy volumes, dental plan spending, and price inflation by sector (capitation, dental insurance and health cash plans), historic, current, and future dental plan growth trends; market players – key providers by sector, market shares, and profiles of leading dental plan providers (12 covered); comparison with United States dental plan market.

Laing & Buisson survey of dental practitioners

Key survey results (average patient activity and gross fees across dentists), growth in NHS and private dentistry activity, the average dental practice (chairs and occupancy), and availability of private dental capitation plans.

Supply of dentists

Key supply statistics (dentists practising in the UK), NHS primary care dentists – growth trends, regional supply, and dentist penetration by PCT; dental education – undergraduate application trends, and student trends; dental auxiliaries and dental specialists; income and profitability of primary care dentists – Laing & Buisson estimates, and official statistics.

Corporate dentistry

A brief history pre- and post-2006; size of the corporate dentistry market – key statistics, and growth trends; past and future consolidation trends; new corporate entrants; corporate economies and benefits; financing and profitability of corporate dentistry – including latest key financials of leading groups; corporate growth strategies; detailed profiles of corporate dentistry groups (24 groups covered).


Key tables and figures included in Dentistry UK Market Report 2011

  • Number of dental plan subscribers, people covered, subscriptions earned, and claims paid, UK 2003-2009

  • Company paid and individually paid dental plan subscribers and subscriptions earned, UK 2003-2009

  • Availability of private dental capitation plans in dental practices, and reason for not offering a plan, mid 2009

  • Dentists contracted to provide NHS primary care dentistry by country, 1985 – 2010

  • Estimated revenues and revenue market shares of corporate primary care dentistry groups, including NHS and private market shares, for 2009/2010

  • ‘Then and Now’ - UK corporate primary care dentistry capacity (practices and dentists) by group including dentist market shares, at January 2003 and October 2010

  • Corporate consolidation acquisitions in the 2000s

  • Revenue and pre-tax profit/ (loss) of corporate dentistry groups in the UK with annual revenue in excess of £5 million, 2009/2010

Prices and order information for Dentistry UK Market Report 2011

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Dentistry - UK Market Survey 2011

£650 hard copy only

£1010.00 hard copy & PDF