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Sanjeev Bassi : Consultant Spinal Surgeon, London

Sanjeev Bassi
Consultant Spinal Surgeon, London: Sanjeev Bassi

A London-based specialist in spinal and cranial neurosurgery for adults and children offering expert treatment of spinal conditions such as sciatica, disc prolapse, spinal tumours, syringomyelia, spina bifida and spasticity associated with cerebral palsy.

Mr Sanjeev Bassi is Consultant in Adult and Paediatric Neurosurgery at King's College Hospital and the Evelina Children's Hospital, St Thomas' Hospital, London.  He provides spinal surgery at a number of private hospitals in London.


Sciatica and back pain specialist in London

Mr Bassi offers all the latest treatments, including minimally invasive surgery, for degenerative conditions affecting the spine, including:

  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Herniated disc
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Spondylothesis
  • Facet joint syndrome
  • Cervical sponylosis

Expert treatment of spina bifida

Mr Bassi is highly experienced in the treatment of children and adults with spina bifida, a condition where the spinal column does not develop properly allowing the membranes and spinal cord to push out.  As well as performing surgery in babies to close the original defect and treat any resulting hydrocephalus, Mr Bassi offers surgery for other complications and malformations associated with spina bifida, including syringomyelia, where a fluid-filled cavity forms within the spinal cord, and Chiari malformations where the lower parts of the brain are pushed towards the spinal cord.  He is skilled in neuro-endoscopic techniques, such as third ventriculostomy (ETV) for the treatment of hydrocephalus.

As a respected expert on spina bifida and hydrocephalus, Mr Bassi lectures extensively on the subject and runs the hydrocephalus course at the Royal College of Surgeons.  He also works with patient support groups, including the Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus (ASBAH)

Spinal surgery for cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy is a term describing a number of neurological conditions affecting the brain and nervous system, caused by damage to the brain before, during or shortly after birth.  Symptoms can include muscle stiffness and overactivity (spasticity) and curvature of the spine (scoliosis). 

In severe or troublesome cases of spasticity, Mr Bassi is able to surgically implant a baclofen pump, a device connected to the spinal cord that delivers regular doses of a muscle relaxing medication.  He can also perform selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR), a spinal operation used to treat lower limb spasticity where all other treatments have failed, and corrective surgery for scoliosis. 

Make an appointment with Mr Sanjeev Bassi for spinal surgery

Mr Sanjeev Bassi sees NHS patients at King's College Hospital with a GP's referral. 

He also welcomes both patients with private health insurance and those who wish to self finance their treatment.  Mr Bassi is available for consultation at a number of private hospitals in London and appointments can be made via email at sanj.bassi@kch.nhs.uk or by calling the hospitals direct.

Mr Bassi provides treatment for international patients at King's College Hospital or The London Bridge Hospital.  Interpreters and assistance with travel arrangements or transfer from a hospital abroad are available on request.

Accreditation and admitting rights at private hospitals  

Mr. Sanjeev Bassi is an accredited consultant for the UK's leading private healthcare providers and private hospitals including HCA Hospitals.
HCA admitting rights



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Contact details

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Mr Sanjeev Bassi, 78 Harley Street, London, W1G 7HJ

Tel: 020 7034 8706




Areas of expertise

Conditions treated

  • Sciatica and back pain

  • Degenerative spinal conditions
  • Brachialgia
  • Spinal tumours
  • Spinal infections
  • Whiplash
  • Spina bifida
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Syringomyelia
  • Chiari malformations
  • Cerebral palsy and spasticity
  • Scoliosis

Qualifications and memberships


  • MB ChB 1992 Victoria University of Manchester
  • FRCS(Eng) 1996 Royal College of Surgeons of England
  • FRCS(Neuro Surg) 2001 Royal College of Surgeons of England


Places of work

NHS base

Kings College Hospital and Evelina Children’s Hospital (St Thomas' Hospital), London 


Private practice

Kings College Hospital Department of Neurosurgery

Denmark Hill

London SE5 9RS

Tel: 020 3299 5155 (NHS)

Tel: 020 3299 3572 (private)

Fax: 020 3299 3280


Harley Street Clinic

78 Harley Street

London W1G 7HJ

Tel:  020 7034 8709

Fax: 020 7034 8704

Email: susan.elliff@hcahealthcare.co.uk


London Bridge Hospital

27 Tooley Street

London SE1 2PR

Tel:   01622 620926

Fax:  01622 620921

Email: Samantha@kmsltd.org.uk


The Portland Hospital

205 Great Portland Street

London W1W 5AH

Tel: 020 7034 8709

Fax 020 7034 8704

Email: sanj.bassi@kch.nhs.uk


Cromwell Hospital

Cromwell Road

London W5

Tel: 01622 620 926

Fax: 01622 620 926

Email: sanj.bassi@kch.nhs.uk


Somerfield Hospital

London Road


Kent ME16 9DQ

Tel: 01622 620 926

Fax: 01622 620 926

Email: sanj.bassi@kch.nhs.uk