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Alwyn Jones: Consultant Spinal Surgeon, Cardiff

Spinal Surgeon, Cardiff: Alwyn Jones
Spinal Surgeon, Cardiff: Alwyn Jones

A highly experienced spinal surgeon working at the forefront of the latest minimally invasive techniques and specialising in degenerative spinal conditions (neck pain, back pain and sciatica), spinal deformities in adults and children (scoliosis), rheumatoid arthritis and sports injuries.

Alwyn Jones is Consultant Spinal Surgeon at the Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust.  He is able to treat conditions affecting the entire spine, from the top of the neck to the coccyx, using modern operative and non-operative techniques, as well as the latest minimally invasive procedures, such as facet joint coblation and Xtreme Lateral Interbody Fusion (XLIF).

Mr Jones is available for private consultation at Spire Cardiff Hospital without GP referral..  He works in close collaboration with a team of physiotherapists, and with specialists in allied orthopaedic fields.

Treatments available for spinal conditions in the Cardiff area

Alwyn Jones provides management of and treatment for:

  • Degenerative conditions of the spine including neck and arm pain, back pain, degenerative disc disease, sciatica and facet joint syndrome
  • Scoliosis in children and adults
  • Sports injuries with a particular interest in spondylolysis and acute cervical disc disease in rugby and other contact sport players.
  • Rheumatoid arthritic spinal disease
  • Spinal fractures, with or without spinal cord injury
  • Spinal trauma
  • Spinal tumours
  • Spinal infections


Facet joint coblation

This is a new technique for the treatment of facet joint pain, pioneered by Alwyn Jones.  The facet joints are small, paired joints at the back of the spinal canal; they can undergo arthritic changes leading to stiffness and lower back pain.  Until recently the only treatment for this was spinal fusion, a treatment of last resort as it affects the mobility of the spine.  Facet joint coblation is a minimally invasive technique using heat to kill the sensory nerves that transmit the pain message to the brain.  It avoids the risk of nerve damage or infection associated with spinal surgery and has an 80% success rate in relation to back pain.

Xtreme Lateral Interbody Fusion (XLIF)

XLIF is a nerve monitoring technology that allows the surgeon to operate on a damaged spinal disc with less risk of muscle, nerve or blood vessel damage than conventional surgery.  The incisions used in this technique are smaller and surgery time is reduced.  Alwyn Jones is among the first spinal surgeons to use this technique in the UK.

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GMC Number:


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Date of registration:

05 Jul 1993


Accreditation and admitting rights at private hospitals

Mr Alwyn Jones is an accredited consultant for the UK's leading private healthcare providers and private hospitals, including Spire Healthcare

Spire admitting rights


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Contact details

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Spire Cardiff Hospital,Croescadarn Road, Pentwyn, Cardiff, CF23 8XL

Tel: 02920 735 515





Areas of expertise

Conditions treated

  • Back pain

  • Sciatica

  • Neck and arm pain
  • Facet joint syndrome
  • Adult and paediatric deformity (scoliosis)

  • Spinal stenosis
  • Rheumatoid spinal conditions

  • Spinal fractures
  • Spinal sports injuries
  • Spondylolysis
  • Spondylolisthesis

  • Spinal infections
  • Spinal tumours


Qualifications and memberships


  • MB ChB
  • BSc
  • MSc
  • FRCS
  • FRSC (Orth.)


Professional memberships


Places of work

NHS treatment

Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust,
University Hospital of Wales,
Heath Park
, Cardiff,
CF14 4XW

Tel: 02920 715289


Private treatment

Spire Cardiff Hospital, Croescadarn Road, Pentwyn, Cardiff, CF23 8XL

Tel: 02920 735 515