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Dr Faith Contell: Consultant Psychiatrist, Harley Street, London

Faith Contell
Consultant Psychiatrist, Harley Street, London: Dr Faith Contell

Dr Faith Contell is a Consultant Psychiatrist in Harley Street, LondonShe provides assessment, diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders including anxiety, depression, phobias, bipolar disorder and memory problems.


Psychiatric treatments available at 10 Harley Street and 60 Lombard Street

Dr Contell runs her practice Care Psychiatry from her clinic at 10 Harley Street, London. She specialises in the treatment of adult mental health disorders including:




Psychiatric assessments

First assessments are 60 minutes in duration. You will be invited to discuss your symptoms, concerns and any circumstances that may be contributing to your difficulties. Dr Contell will ask you for some information about your background, family, relationships, lifestyle and general health as these contribute to a full understanding of the difficulty that you want to deal with. 

Read more about what happens in a first assessment at Care Psychiatry in Harley Street.

Psychiatric care for Older People

Older adults (generally those aged 65 and over) are more susceptible to a number of illnesses that require particular expertise.  Dr Contell holds a specialist consultant qualification in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a full range of psychiatric disorders relevant to older adults, such as Alzheimer's and dementia and late onset anxiety and depression.

New advances with medication and other rehabilitative treatments are helping those people with memory problems to live longer fuller lives. The most important thing is to detect the signs of memory problems and act on them as early as possible. Lifestyle changes, possibly supplemented by appropriate medication, can give significant benefits.

Find out more about the causes and warning signs of memory problems.


Psychological therapy

At Care Psychiatry they work with a wide variety of skilled therapists including counsellors and clinical psychologists to treat psychological difficulties. If psychological therapy forms part of the recommended treatment plan, Dr Contell will refer you to a therapist that will be selected as having the most appropriate skills and approach.


About London psychiatrist Faith Contell

Dr Faith Contell, BSc, MBChB, MRCPsych attended the University of Cape Town in South Africa where she completed her undergraduate medical training. Upon graduation from the University of Cape Town Medical School she spent some time working as a general practitioner in South Africa. 

In 1998 she moved permanently to the UK and pursued specialist training as a psychiatrist. During her training Dr Contell was an examiner of medical students for Kings College & St Thomas Medical School. She also developed an interactive computerised study and revision tool for medical students. She has coached a number of trainee psychiatrists all of whom have since gone on to pass their specialist examinations.


Following completion of her specialist training she took up a consultant post within the South London and Maudsley NHS Mental Health Trust. Working in an inner London catchment area with a diverse ethnic population and dealing with a broad range of psychiatric presentations.


She also worked as a consultant psychiatrist within the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire NHS Mental Health Trust.


She now devotes herself to full-time private practice and retains admitting privileges to Capio Nightingale Hospital, Lisson Grove, London. 

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Date of registration:

05 Jun 1995




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Dr Faith Contell

Care Psychiatry, 10 Harley Street, London, W1G 9PF

Tel: 020 7125 0114

Fax: 020 7125 0115

Email: info@carepsychiatry.com

Web: www.carepsychiatry.com

Web: www.carememoryservice.com 


Places of work

Dr Faith Contell

Care Psychiatry, 10 Harley Street, London, W1G 9PF

Tel: 020 7125 0114

Fax: 020 7125 0115 

Email: info@carepsychiatry.com 

Web: www.carepsychiatry.com 

Web: www.carememoryservice.com