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Mr Sudhir Rao: Consultant Hip Surgeon, London and Kent

Consultant Hip Surgeon, London and Kent: Mr Sudhir Rao
Consultant Hip Surgeon, London and Kent: Mr Sudhir Rao

A London and Kent-based hip surgeon offering expert investigation and treatment for hip problems, including hip arthritis, hip impingement syndrome, hip dysplasia and sports injuries to the hip, using the very latest technology and techniques.

Mr Sudhir Rao is Consultant Orthopaedic and Sports Surgeon at The Princess Royal University Hospital in Orpington, Kent.  He offers private treatment for hip conditions at three independent hospitals in South East London and Kent:

  • BMI The Blackheath Hospital, London
  • BMI Chelsfield Park Hospital, Orpington, Kent
  • BMI The Sloane Hospital, Beckenham, Kent

An experienced hip specialist

Trained in Mumbai and the UK, Mr Rao is a Fellowship-trained hip surgeon with over 16 years' experience at consultant level.  Highly trained in all aspects of hip surgery, he is committed to staying abreast of all the latest developments in the field and works closely with allied health professionals, including physiotherapists and osteopaths, to help patients return to everyday levels of activity as effectively and quickly as possible.

Hip conditions treated by Mr Sudhir Rao

Mr Rao offers investigation and treatment for the full range of problems affecting the hip joint, including:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Hip impingement
  • Snapping hip
  • Trochanteric bursitis
  • Avascular necrosis

Expert treatment for sports injuries to the hip

Injuries to the hip typically present as pain in the groin, thigh or, sometimes, the knee.  Sensation to the hip area is also supplied by nerves in the lower back, and hence injury to the back can present as hip pain.  Hip problems that persist following rest or physiotherapy should always be assessed by a hip specialist to identify the exact cause of the pain. 

In recent years it has become clear that some people have subtle abnormalities in the shape of the ball and socket components of the hip joint (hip impingement), and that this can manifest itself as pain, catching or giving way during sporting activity.  As a sports injury specialist, Mr Rao offers expert investigation of such symptoms using X-ray and MRI scanning.  Should hip impingement be diagnosed, he is able to treat the condition in an arthroscopic (keyhole) procedure to remove overgrown areas of bone and trim or repair the ring of cartilage that surrounds the hip socket (labrum).

Hip replacement surgery in South East London and Kent

Hip replacement surgery is now a routine and highly successful procedure, restoring mobility and relieving pain for thousands of people each year in the UK.  A highly experienced hip replacement surgeon, Mr Rao only uses implants with an established track record, tailoring the type of replacement to the individual needs of the patient according to age and levels of activity.


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Contact details

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Private Secretary: Alison Hagerty

Tel: 0208 297 4583

Fax: 0208 297 4581

E-mail: alison.hagerty@bmihealthcare.co.uk

Account enquiries: 01689 857173




Areas of expertise

Treatments offered

  • Hip arthroscopy

  • Total hip replacement

  • Hip resurfacing (selected cases only)

  • Core decompression for hip avascular necrosis

  • Hip injections
  • Second opinion service 


Qualifications and memberships


  • MBBS – Distinction in Anatomy, Dr Shirwalkar Award of Clinical Medicine

  • DNB(Orth) – Diplomate of the National Board

  • FRCS(Ed) – Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh

  • FRCS(Orthopaedics) – Intercollegiate Speciality Qualification

  • MCh(Orthopaedics) – Master of Surgery in Orthopaedics  (Univ of Liverpool)


Professional memberships


Places of work

NHS – South London Healthcare NHS Trust

Queen Mary’s Hospital – Knee Clinic, Shoulder Clinic

Princess Royal Hospital – Knee Clinic, Hip Clinic


Private hospitals

BMI Blackheath, 40 – 42 Lee Terrace, Blackheath, London, SE3 9UD

Appts: 0208 297 4550

Fax: 0208 297 4581 


BMI Chelsfield Park, Bucks Cross Road, Chlesfield, Orpington, Kent, BR6 7RG

Appts: 01689 877855 

Fax: 01689 837439



BMI Sloane,125 Albemarle Road, Beckenham, Kent, BR3 2RS

Appts: 0208 4664000 

Fax: 0208 4664001