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Jason Auld: Consultant Hip Surgeon, Northamptonshire

Jason Auld
Consultant Hip Surgeon, Northamptonshire: Jason Auld

A Northampton-based hip surgeon providing expert assessment and treatment for hip problems, with a special interest in hip replacement surgery and the treatment of hip arthritis.

Mr Jason Auld is Consultant Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon at Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust. He offers private treatment for hip conditions at BMI Three Shires Hospital, Northampton. 

An experienced hip surgeon in Northamptonshire

Following his medical training in London and higher surgical trauma and orthopaedic training at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre in Oxford, Mr Auld undertook Fellowship training in hip and knee surgery in Sydney, Australia.  Offering treatment for the full range of traumatic and degenerative conditions affecting the hip, he has a special interest in arthritis and hip replacement surgery.

Jason Auld

Hip conditions treated by Mr Jason Auld

Mr Auld offers assessment and treatment for a wide range of hip conditions, including:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Avascular necrosis
  • Sports injuries to the hip, including hip labral tear, bursitis and stress fracture
  • Hip fracture
  • Hip dysplasia

Jason Auld Hip Replacement

Expert assessment and treatment of hip arthritis

The bones of the hip joint are covered with a smooth, firm, rubbery material called cartilage that reduces friction in the joint and acts as a 'shock absorber'.  Over time, this material can become damaged and worn, as a result of everyday wear and tear, injury or disease.  The breakdown of healthy cartilage allows the bone surfaces to rub against each other causing the pain, swelling and inflammation associated with arthritis.

Mr Auld is highly experienced in the assessment of arthritic hip symptoms, offering a range of treatments depending on the severity of the condition.  Non-surgical options include painkillers and other medications, lifestyle changes and cortisone injections into the hip.  If the joint is very damaged or conservative therapies fail to make a difference, he may feel that replacement of all or part of the hip joint with an artificial implant is the best course of action.

Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery in Northamptonshire

Hip replacement surgery is one of the most commonly performed and successful operations in the UK, bringing relief from pain and restoring mobility for thousands of patients every year.

A specialist in hip replacement surgery, Mr Auld offers the latest techniques and modern implants, including the long-wearing ceramic-on-ceramic implant suitable for younger patients.  He is also experienced in replacing previous hip replacements that have become worn or damaged (revision hip replacement), a technically more demanding procedure than primary hip replacement. 

Mr Auld carries out approximately 75 hip replacement operations each year and has a significantly lower than average rate of complications and postoperative infection, as recorded on the Dr Foster database.



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Date of registration

1 August 1993




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Mr Jason Auld

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

BMI Three Shires Hospital, The Avenue
, Cliftonville
, Northampton
, NN1 5DR

Appointments: 01604 885003
, Secretary: 01604 584659,
Mobile: 07932140092

Email: info@northamptonhipandkneesurgery.co.uk

Website: www.northamptonhipandkneesurgery.co.uk


Treatments offered

  • Anti-inflammatory hip injections

  • Total hip replacement surgery

  • Ceramic-on-ceramic hip replacement surgery      

  • Revision hip replacement surgery

  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation


Qualifications and memberships


  • MB BS
  • BSc
  • FRCS (Trauma and Orthopaedics)


Professional Memberships

  • British Orthopaedic Association
  • Medical Defence Union
  • Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England


Places of work

BMI Three Shires Hospital, The Avenue, Cliftonville, Northampton, NN1 5DR