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Dr Helen Cox: Consultant Allergy Specialist, Harley Street, London

Consultant Allergy Specialist, Harley Street, London: Dr Helen Cox
Consultant Allergy Specialist, Harley Street, London: Dr Helen Cox
A leading Harley Street-based specialist in paediatric allergy and immunology, offering expert assessment and management of children with allergic conditions, including food allergy, eczema, asthma, hayfever, urticaria, insect sting allergy and drug allergy.

Dr Helen Cox is Clinical Lead Consultant in Paediatric Allergy at Imperial College NHS Trust.  She provides private assessment and management of children with allergic conditions at The Harley Street Paediatric Group and BUPA Cromwell Hospital, London.

Treatment of childhood allergy in London

Allergies occur when the body reacts to a substance in the environment.  Known as allergens, these substances are harmless to unaffected people but can induce troublesome symptoms in those who are susceptible, ranging from the mild and transient through to the chronic or acutely life threatening.  An estimated 50% of children in the UK today have an allergy, with common childhood allergens including eggs, nuts, wheat, milk, tree and grass pollen, house dust mites, and bee and wasp stings.

Childhood allergies can have a deleterious effect on the overall health and well-being of the child.  Symptoms involving areas such as the airways, skin, eyes, nose, throat and digestive system can be similar to other childhood conditions and may not always be obvious as an allergic problem.  It is important, however, that children in whom such symptoms are recurrent or severe have their symptoms investigated, as early diagnosis and treatment can significantly minimise the impact that an allergy has on a child's day-to-day life.

A leading Paediatric Allergy Specialist in Harley Street, London

Following her medical training at Cape Town University in South Africa, Dr Cox undertook specialist training in paediatrics, immunology and allergy at Guy's Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, and the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.  Awarded a medical doctorate for research into the genetics of eczema, she is an author of the NICE guidelines on the management of eczema, and in conjunction with the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, is involved in the development of national care pathways for children affected by allergic conditions.

With extensive experience in treating children with all forms of allergic disease, Dr Cox has a particular clinical and research interest in food allergy and the role that food plays in eczema, asthma and hayfever.  She is skilled in all the latest testing and treatment techniques for allergy, including immunotherapy, and always adopts a holistic, whole system approach when treating children with allergic symptoms.

Conditions treated by Dr Helen Cox

Dr Cox offers expert assessment and treatment for all paediatric allergic conditions, including:

  • Eczema
  • Asthma
  • Urticaria
  • Food allergy
  • Rhinitis
  • Hayfever
  • Insect sting allergy
  • Animal allergies
  • Recurrent infections


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Date of registration:

24 Nov 1987


Accreditation and admitting rights at private hospitals

Dr Helen Cox is an accredited consultant for the UK's leading private healthcare providers and private hospitals, including HCA Hospitals

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Contact details

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Tel: 020 8367 7275

Email: secretary@childrensallergyclinic.com

Appointments available: Mon - Fri

Web: www.childrensallergyclinic.com



Areas of expertise

Treatments offered

  • Allergy assessment and medical history

  • Skin prick testing

  • IgE blood testing and immunology assessment
  • Patch testing
  • Food and drug challenge testing
  • Nutritional screening and dietetic advice

  • Lung function testing

  • Injectable and sublingual immunotherapy



Qualifications and memberships


  •  MSC in Clinical Allergy


Professional memberships


Places of work

Harley Street Paediatric Group, 84 Harley Street, London, W1G 7HW


Bupa Cromwell Hospital, 162-174 Cromwell Road, London, SW5 0TU