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Mayfair Specialist Nurses: caring for complex care needs at home

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Mayfair Specialist Nurses specialises in meeting the complex care needs of a wide range of patients – the young and not so young, as well as those with a wide range of chronic long-term or short-term conditions.


Whatever your care needs, they have nurses and HCA Health Care Assistants to help. You are assured of sympathetic and understanding treatment, supporting independence wherever possible, with an emphasis on safety and security at all times.


Mayfair Specialist Nurses was established in 1998 to provide specialist healthcare staff, based on patient needs for their individual professional skills and experience. Mayfair has gained a reputation for understanding the staffing requirements of each client, in consultation with the medical practitioner, and then matching needs and preferences for care from the available skills and knowledge of the staff who are registered with the agency.

Mayfair Specialist Nurses

Complex care 

Mayfair meets a wide range of complex care needs. These include ventilator care, such as respiratory management with tracheostomy change, tracheal suction, ambubagging, chest percussion and administration of oxygen therapy. Additional services are gastrostomy and naso-gastric feeding including administration of medication, invasive bowel management and epilepsy management.

Mayfair Specialist Nurses

Paediatric care provided by Mayfair staff

For children’s care, they have experience in helping families where there are a range of challenges for the patient - such as autistic spectrum, brain injuries, cerebral palsy, challenging behaviour, learning difficulties, sensory impairment, spinal injuries, substance abuse, terminal illness and physical disabilities. 


Working with the NHS & Social Services

Mayfair works closely with local NHS trusts, private hospitals and Social Services departments as required. The agency can provide a total package of care and management where support is agreed for children and their families, for example. They provide full accountability and reporting to stakeholders, so that care can be planned, monitored and updated on a continuing basis, in agreement with patients and families, and NHS trusts, medical practitioners and Social Services.

Mayfair Specialist Nurses

Independent living

Mayfair specialises in providing high quality nursing care for patients and their families in a range of settings, such as in their own homes, and within schools and the workplace, as well as respite and palliative care environments. Quality of life is paramount. They have long term relationships with patients who want the assurance of personalised care by the same staff, wherever possible: qualified nurses who understand their preferences and routines.

Mayfair Specialist Nurses

Mayfair: the UK leader in specialist nurses

Mayfair Specialist Nurses supplies nurses to domiciliary homecare settings - as well as to hospitals and GP primary care services, in all key specialisations. The range of specialisations includes ITU, HDU, CCU/Cardiac, Cardiothoracic, ODP, Paediatrics, PICU, SCBU, NICU, Renal/Dialysis, A&E and Acute Medical Nurses.





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Contact them at any time of the day or night. They cover England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.


Mayfair Specialist Nurses

Sutton Head Office

Group House

92 - 96 Lind Road

Sutton, Surrey



Tel:      0871 873 3326

Fax:     0871 873 3342

Email: info@mayfair-nurses.co.uk

Web:   www.mayfair-nurses.com



  • Complex care
  • Paediatric care
  • Working with the NHS & Social Services
  • Independent living


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