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CREATE Fertility’ Natural Cycle And Mild IVF Fertility Clinic: 3D and 4D pregnancy ultrasound scans in London

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Offering private 3D and 4D pregnancy ultrasound scanning from a team led by a world renowned expert on ultrasound, based at London's leading natural fertility clinic in Harley Street.

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Where can I find private 3D and 4D pregnancy ultrasound scans in London?

With clinics in Harley Street and Wimbledon, London, Create Fertility is a pioneering natural fertility clinic, offering 3D and 4D pregnancy scans from highly experienced specialists in reproductive medicine and ultrasound diagnosis.

Experts in 3D and 4D ultrasound scanning 

All the reproductive medicine specialists at Create Fertility are highly trained in advanced ultrasound techniques, overseen by Professor Stuart Campbell, a pioneer of ultrasound diagnosis who was responsible for the development of routine pregnancy and fetal abnormality scanning.  Having recently introduced 3D ultrasound scanning to the UK, Professor Campbell has established the country's first 4D pregnancy scanning clinic, Create Fertility.

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Why have a 3D or 4D ultrasound scan in pregnancy?

Conventional 2D ultrasound scanning does provide a lot of information about a developing baby, however the features are much clearer on a 3D image and defects like cleft palate and club foot can be more easily identified.  Adding the dimension of time, 4D imaging can also capture the baby's movements to check that nothing is out of the ordinary.  Finally, parents are delighted to receive an image of their unborn baby's face and there is evidence to show that having such a detailed image before birth can enhance bonding.

The One Hour Pregnancy Scan at Create Fertility

Create Fertility offers a comprehensive one hour pregnancy scan service:

  • Detailed 2D ultrasound fetal abnormality and growth assessment, including an estimation of birth weight
  • Doppler ultrasound examination of blood flow in the placenta
  • 3D/4D assessment and picture to take home
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Other pregnancy scanning services available at Create Fertility

Early pregnancy scanning

Create Fertility offers early pregnancy scanning to women who may be worried about their pregnancy, or who have any bleeding or pain.  The service is free of charge to women who are patients on Create Fertility's natural IVF programme.

Nuchal translucency scan

Carried out between 11 and 14 weeks of pregnancy and combined with a blood test, this scan provides an 85% detection rate for Down's Syndrome.  Identification of the nasal bone and examination of blood flow in the Ductus Venosus, which are also clinical markers for the condition, can also be carried out, if necessary.

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Contact details

St Paul’s Clinic

150 Cheapside

St Paul’s




Tel:  020 3763 9433


Email: info@createhealth.org

Web:   www.createhealth.org


St George’s House Clinic 

St George’s House

3-5 Pepys Road

West Wimbledon


SW20 8NJ


Tel:  020 3763 9433

Fax: 020 8944 580


Create Fertility Clinic 

103-105 Harley Street




Tel:  020 3763 9433

Fax: 020 7486 7070




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  • 3D and 4D ultrasound scans
  • One hour pregnancy scan
  • Early pregnancy scan
  • Nuchal translucency scan