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Sage Femme: Independent midwives in London

Sage Femme

Sage Femme offer private midwife services throughout London.  By practising outside of the NHS they can guarantee one-to-one care which will ensure that you feel nurtured and special during your pregnancy.  All the research shows that one-to-one care will increase your chance of a normal birth, that your birth will be shorter and you will need less pain relief, you will have reduced chances of postnatal depression and are more likely to successfully breast-feed.


Your unique journey with Sage Femme includes private antenatal, labour and postnatal care that can be tailored for your individual needs during a free consultation.  They will listen to your hopes and expectations for your pregnancy and address any particular concerns you may have.


Their clinical practice is governed by the NMC (Nursing Midwifery Council) and their practice is individually assessed by a Midwifery Supervisor who regularly inspects their records and equipment and ensures they constantly update their knowledge and skills.


Sage Femme - young girl holding baby

Experienced private midwives for antenatal, labour and postnatal care

Nyree Wright left the NHS to start Sage Femme because of her desire to give more individualised continuity of care.  Before becoming a midwife she trained as a specialist nurse working with premature babies and their families on a Special Care Baby Unit.  She has been a midwife for 14 years working in a variety of settings. Her midwifery experience covers antenatal, labour and postnatal care, working as part of a hospital team and on her own in the community.


Each pregnancy is a unique journey and should be an experience that is enjoyed and cherished. Every appointment with Sage Femme will build on your knowledge-base by providing you with the latest research-based information. Their policies are continuously updated and are in line with the guidelines recommended by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE).  Their care is non-judgemental and respectful of individual cultures and religions.


Sage Femme believes that childbirth is a normal but significant event.  Their experienced midwifery team aims to ensure that you are not subject to any unnecessary intervention but will always keep the safety of you and your baby paramount.  Occasionally despite all your best intentions and efforts complications can occur, and their aim will be to empower you to make the appropriate choices should this happen without feeling any sense of failure. 


A comprehensive range of independent midwifery care from Sage Femme

Antenatal care

There are no long waits in hospital antenatal clinics and all Sage Femme antenatal appointments are at a time and place that suits you. You'll have their undivided attention - their appointments are typically an hour long so that you have ample time to discuss all your pregnancy concerns and plan for the birth as well as your new family.  In between appointments you can call or email if you have any concerns or worries, any time of the day or night.  Appointments are every four weeks until you are twenty eight weeks pregnant, fortnightly until thirty four weeks and then weekly until your baby arrives.


Sage Femme - pregnant woman

During these appointments your midwife will be doing the following:

  • Check your health as your body adapts to pregnancy

  • Check the growth, development and well-being of your baby
  • Offer routine blood and screening tests
  • Provide you with information on all aspects of pregnancy to enable you to make informed choices
  • Arrange referrals to other health professionals or practitioners of complimentary therapies
  • Encourage you to think about your wishes and plans for your labour
  • Be on-call for you during the pregnancy to deal with any anxieties you may have



Your midwife will be on-call for your labour twenty-four hours a day. If she is busy with another client you will be attended by your secondary midwife.  Wherever you have chosen to have your baby you can be assessed at home when you feel you are going into labour.  When your baby is born you will receive assistance and support with breastfeeding and your midwife will stay with you until you feel settled.


A private home birth
Research shows that planned home birth is a safe choice and is less likely to result in unnecessary medical intervention.  If you have chosen to have your baby at home your midwife will stay with you during labour, helping and advising on ways to assist its progress and to cope with contractions.  Some women like to use a birthing pool or TENs machine for pain relief, and Sage Femme will provide these at no extra cost. Their midwives are experienced in water birth so you can remain in the water to deliver your baby feeling assured that you will be in safe hands.


Sage Femme - baby

A private hospital birth
If you are having a hospital birth you will be supported at home until you are ready to transfer. Your midwife will advise on positions and therapies to help and progress your labour and accompany you into hospital when it feels appropriate.  Although independent midwives are unable to provide clinical care in hospital, they can ensure that you receive the highest standard of care and that your birth choices are adhered to as far as possible by the NHS staff.  


Postnatal care

Understandably most women are very concerned with the actual birth of their baby and postnatal care is often overlooked.  However, the first few weeks after delivery can be quite a shock for most couples. Sage Femme will be there to help you through this often challenging time, ensuring that you have the best possible start for your new family.  After the birth you will be visited daily for the first five days, then you will receive a further five visits over the next three weeks.  You will continue to receive telephone support until your baby is six weeks old.


During these appointments your midwife will be doing the following:

  • Ensure that you feel confident in recognising your baby's health and well-being
  • Recognise and advise on conditions such as jaundice
  • Give information about routine screening tests which can be offered to your baby
  • Advise on sleeping positions to keep your baby safe and help you gain confidence in caring for your baby

  • Give assistance and support with breastfeeding

  • Check your health to ensure your optimum recovery

  • Put you in touch with local support groups and opportunities to meet with other parents

  • Liaise with your health visitor so that you know where to go for ongoing support


Sage Femme - midwife

Midwifery packages and free consultation with Sage Femme

You can contact Sage Femme to arrange a free consultation.  In order to receive the best in continuity of care they recommend that you book early in pregnancy. This will give you the greatest chance of building a trusting relationship with your midwife.  


Sage Femme provide three packages to suit your individual needs.

  • Complete package: Antenatal, labour and postnatal care. They also include the free option of a birthing pool and tens machine.

  • Premier package: This includes all of the above with private blood testing and nuchal & anomaly scan at the London Ultrasound Centre.

  • Postnatal package: Postnatal care only, including telephone support until six weeks after the birth.


All Sage Femme clients receive a colour copy of their medical notes.


Your care will be provided by a primary and secondary midwife so that you feel a strong relationship with whoever cares for you in labour.  The midwives are flexible and can adapt visits to individual circumstances; visiting you at home or in the workplace, during the day or evening, whichever is most convenient. They will be on call for you twenty-four hours a day.


Contact details

Sage Femme

7 Lynmouth Road


N2 9LR


Tel: 020 7873 2327

Email: Online enquiry form 

Website: Sage Femme



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