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Six Physio: Physiotherapy clinics in central London

Six Physio

Six Physio provides the gold standard of physiotherapy in London from assessment and diagnosis, to treatment and rehabilitation. For 25 years they have been providing the very best in physiotherapy services at their 10 clinics in Harley Street and around central London.


At Six Physio you are considered to be the most important member of the team and you will be treated as such. They will give you all the knowledge and support you require to properly manage your condition so you don’t have to keep coming back. Their physios will deliver a tailor made treatment plan for you, to get to the root cause of your condition.

Six Physio - Gym
Six Physio - Gym

Physiotherapists in London

Their physios are some of the most highly qualified physiotherapists around, with many of them having completed a Masters Degrees. 


Physiotherapy at Six Physio clinics, London

Six Physio have two different types of specialist physiotherapist. The first physio you’ll meet is a manual therapist: They will assess, diagnose and clinically reason what’s causing the problem. They will work on releasing any tension in the muscles and joints relevant to causing your problem. 

Six Physio - Treatment room
Six Physio - Treatment room

The second physio is a rehab specialist who will provide a movement diagnosis to concur with the manual therapist. Once you are moving better, with less pain, then Six Physio will help you prevent future problems by coaching you on things such as how to sit, stand and move correctly, all aimed at helping you improve your stability and control.


Physiotherapy services in London       

Along with their fairly unique physiotherapy service, Six Physio also provides a range of physiotherapy services throughout their Central London physio clinics including:


Clinical Pilates

Only experienced physiotherapists trained in Pilates are able to teach in our Six Physio studios. Before their first class, every new patient undergoes an initial assessment, including the use of real-time ultrasound. All classes are structured so that each person is working on what they actually need as an individual and not just working on generic one-size-fits-all exercises. Classes are max 3 people.


Sports massage

This will help reduce aches and pains, whether caused by sport, injury, or simply the stresses and strains of modern life. All massage therapists at Six Physio have undergone training with the physios, so if they spot something not quite right they can call upon the help from a physio to get extra assistance if needed.

Six Physio - Waiting room
Six Physio - Waiting room

Sports injury clinics

Six Physio will partner you the whole way through your rehabilitation from the first tentative steps post op to the end stage activities required for your sport. They will coach, encourage and tweak you better. Sports injuries can be ongoing ‘niggles’ that just won’t go away, or they can be new & acute or chronic & ongoing – the physios at Six have seen them all before!


Running coaching and assessment

Six Physio have running gurus at several of their clinics, plus a specialist running coach who has a major athletic career behind him.

The running assessment is a practical session, covering the technique of walking, non performance running, performance running, and sport-related movement. The gurus will use video analysis to get you running better and injury free - whether running for fun, health and fitness, weight loss or competition, technique provides the key to success.


Work station ergonomics

Sore backs, achy shoulders, and headaches at work? Six Physio will look for long term solutions, rather than easing your aches and pains at your work desk for a few days. They will relate your problem to how you are working, offering functional workstation assessments to one and all. Assessments are performed by physios who understand what can cause your pain, and what you need to do to keep it at bay and get better.

Why choose Six Physio for physiotherapy in London:

  • Tailor made treatment plans specifically for your condition and symptoms

  • They have a unique approach to physiotherapy

  • They have treated 90,000 patients since 2002

  • 97% of their patients would recommend Six Physio to a friend

  • They make use of the latest relevant technology

  • They have a network of world-class consultants

  • They have made it into the Sunday Times top 100 best companies to work for, 4 years in a row

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Six Physio


Telephone: 020 7036 0286


Email: enquiries@sixphysio.com 


Wesite: www.sixphysio.com





Treatments offered

  • Manual therapy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Clinical pilates
  • Sports massage
  • Sports injury treatment
  • Running coaching and assessment
  • Work station ergonomics




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