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Lifescan: Health screening and CT scans in the UK

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Lifescan has been offering health checks since 2003 and uses advanced healthcare technology – including CT scans and blood tests – to help provide insights into an individual’s current state of health. They aim to check for the early signs of heart disease, lung cancer, colon cancer and other serious illnesses, before any symptoms are experienced. Heart disease, lung cancer and colon cancer are the cause of thousands of premature deaths in the UK but if detected at an early stage, modern treatments and lifestyle changes can help make a difference.

Since its launch in 2003, Lifescan has:

  • provided specialist health checks to over 70,000 people in the UK
  • identified the risk of potentially life threatening illnesses in thousands of people
  • joined Spire Healthcare, a leading provider of private healthcare with 39 private hospitals throughout the UK.

Lifescan is registered as a provider of diagnostic and screening services with the Care Quality Commission and fully complies with the Ionising radiation (medical exposures) regulations 2000 (and subsequent amendments). All the radiographers and Consultant Radiologists at Lifescan are subject to clinical audit.

Lifescan health screening

Health checks, CT scanning and services in the UK

In 2014, the Department of Health published an Independent Expert Report on the use of CT scanning to carry out individual health assessments. Lifescan is delighted to confirm that the CT health checks offered comply with the recommendations made in this report.




Lifescan health screening in the UK

What to expect when you go for health checks and CT scanning at Lifescan 

Lifescan health checks take place at all of Lifescan's 31 locations around the UK. On arrival the radiographer will ask patients a few questions, patients will then precede to the scan. Each scan only takes a matter of seconds and patients are never enclosed as you could be in an MRI scanner. It is just like passing through a large ring.  

After an appointment, all images are securely transferred to Lifescan's Head Office in Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital. Patient images will then be reviewed in detail by one of Lifescan's Consultant Radiologists who specialise in the use of CT scans for health checks.

All appointment times are very efficient as each scan only takes a matter of seconds. The detailed work of health check takes place when Lifescan receive patients images. They aim to send out patient's Personal Report Pack within five working days, although if the health check includes blood test it may take a little longer.

Lifescan CT scanning in the UK

Clinical evidence - modern multislice CT scanning

In the past few years there has been a technological revolution in the field of CT scanning. Modern multislice CT scanners are able to perform previously impossible or crude time-consuming examinations in a few minutes.

This technology provides a powerful diagnostic tool capable of the early diagnosis of three main causes of death, namely coronary artery disease, lung and colon cancer. The early diagnosis of these conditions provides an unparalleled opportunity for early intervention when cure or prevention is possible. 




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