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DNA Worldwide: DNA testing for home and legal paternity

Logo - DNA Worldwide: International DNA testing
Mother and daughter - DNA Worldwide: DNA testing for home and legal paternity

DNA Worldwide is a specialist DNA testing company providing both a home paternity test that you can use to collect your DNA at home and legal paternity tests where your DNA is collected by a Doctor so the results can be used for child custody and immigration matters.


DNA Worldwide is dedicated to providing quality customer service with integrity, certified to UKAS:ISO 9001:2000. Our team of highly trained customer support staff are on hand to guide you through the process, step by step.


Why not order a free home DNA kit and send back with payment when you are ready or order securely online?

3 Simple Steps to taking a DNA Test

  1. Order you DNA Test, either pay online in advance or request a FREE DNA collection kit and send back with payment when you are ready to do the DNA Test.
  2. Your kit is sent the same day it is ordered. Once your receive the DNA Kit, follow the simple, step by step instructions to collect mouth swab (saliva) samples.
  3. Send the samples back to DNA Worldwide, in the pre-paid envelope and your clear results will be ready in 3-5days.


Easy to understand DNA Results

DNA Worldwide DNA Test results are simple to understand. You will receive either up to a "99.9999% YES" or "0% NO" to the relationship in question. Trained staff can talk you through test result which is provided by post and email if requested.


Highest quality DNA testing facilities provide 100% DNA accuracy

DNA Worldwide Group have taken every possible step to ensure that the quality of the products and services they provide are among the best in the world. DNA Worldwide exceeds all UK and international requirements for paternity testing through it's ISO:17025 accredited laboratory for use in the UK court system.


All tests are dealt with discretely and efficiently, and are subject to the highest levels of security with accuracy of up to 99.9999% positive proof of relationship, and 100% exclusion of relationship on all tests.


Boy - DNA Worldwide: International DNA testing

Order your own free home DNA kit now and pay when you are ready to take the test.



The DNA Worldwide home DNA Test is taken by yourself at home, the DNA results, accuracy and timeframe for home test results are the same as our Legal DNA Test.


The key difference with a legal DNA test is that an independent 3rd party (such as a Doctor or Nurse) collects the DNA and at the same time they take a copy of the participants ID documents and photographs. This meets the strict rules of the UK Courts and means that the results are accepted for both immigration and child custody matters.


Home paternity testing: 3-5 business days, 99.9999% accurate

Paternity testing from DNA Worldwide provides 100% accuracy, with up to 99.9999% probability of paternity or 0% exclusion of paternity. 

  • Establish the biological father of a child
  • Complete testing for 3 people
  • Full Support - No Hidden Fees
  • Every test run twice to ensure accuracy 
  • ISO/IEC:17025 and UKAS:ISO9001:2000 certified


The Full DNA Test Process


Accurate, fast, and confidential

When you need to know, for sure, with 100% accuracy who the biological father of a child is, then the home paternity test is for you. 

The home paternity test is:

  • Simple to use and is carried out at your home. Once you have collected your DNA samples, simply return them to DNA Worldwide in the prepaid, pre-addressed envelope provided, and they will send your results within 3-5 business days.
  • Painless and discrete, taking less than 5 minutes, The DNA sample collection is a quick and easy procedure which requires a mouth swab to be rubbed gently and painlessly on the inside of your cheek in order to collect some cheek cells.
  • Run twice to ensure the accuracy. DNA Worldwide test 16 genetic locations and independently run every exclusion test twice to ensure that your results are the most accurate available. Their home paternity test provides 100% accuracy, with up to 99.99% probability of paternity or 0% exclusion of paternity.
  • Performed under Strict Standards and Highest Quality Control. DNA Worldwide Group has all required accreditations, certified to UKAS:ISO 9001:2000 with its laboratory certified to ISO 17025. DNA Worldwide is a global leader in DNA testing and by following strict guidelines achieve the most accurate and reliable results.
  • Strictly Confidential


Order your own free home DNA kit now and send back with payment when you are ready


Family - DNA Worldwide: International DNA testing

Legal paternity testing: Fast, accurate, court admissible

DNA paternity test results provide strong evidence for many court cases including divorce (child custody or child support), immigration or visa applications, and estate settlement or inheritance cases.

  • Exceptional advice and support 
  • Experience with complex legal cases
  • 3-5 days for DNA results
  • ISO/IEC:17025 accredited & UKAS ISO:9001 certified


DNA Worldwide Group and its legal paternity testing laboratory, have been providing legal DNA paternity testing to clients for over 10 years.


Designed especially for use in a court of law, their legal DNA paternity testing services provide up to 99.9999% proof of paternity with 100% accuracy. They are convenient, affordable, and fast (3-5 days for results).



Interested in legal paternity testing? Why not order a free information pack, with our brochure?


Relationship testing: Are we family?

Whether you want to test for grandparentsfull or half siblingsaunts or uncles, 1st cousins, or to discover whether your brother or sister is your fraternal or identical twin.

DNA Worldwide experts can help you select the most suitable test. Please browse the tests below or request your FREE no obligation DNA collection kit:

  • Unlimited phone and email support
  • No Hidden charges - complete service
  • Dependable & trusted by thousands since 1997
  • UKAS:ISO:9001 & ISO:17025 certified testing
  • Every case tested twice to give 100% accuracy
  • Up to 99.9% probability of relationship


Relationship tests available


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