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BMI Healthcare: private X-ray services in the UK

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Rapid access to expert X-ray services from the UK's largest provider of private health care.

Where can I find a private X-ray in the UK?

BMI Healthcare is able to provide X-ray services from expert radiographers and radiologists at 54 comfortable and fully equipped hospitals, nationwide. To check which hospitals provide X- ray, please click here.

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Why do I need an X-ray?

X-rays are a form of radiation that has a frequency high enough to pass through the body.  As they pass through, the energy particles are absorbed at different rates according to the density of the material that they are passing through.  This produces an image where bone appears as clear white areas and softer tissues, such as heart and lungs appear as darker areas. 

X-rays are commonly used to identify:

  • Fractures
  • Osteoporosis
  • Tooth decay and dental abscesses
  • Infection of bone
  • Bone cancers
  • Spinal deformities
  • Heart conditions, e.g. pericarditis, heart failure
  • Lung conditions, e.g. lung cancer, pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

How safe is an X-ray?

Although exposure to high doses of radiation can be very harmful, the doses used by modern X-ray machines are very small and the benefits of having the X-ray far outweigh the minimal risk to health. As a precaution, however, X-rays that target the abdominal area are avoided for pregnant women unless strictly necessary and women are routinely asked if they may be pregnant before an X-ray.


What happens during an X-ray?

The X-rays at BMI Healthcare are taken by one of their highly trained radiographers and take about 15-30 minutes to complete.  The part of the body being X-rayed is positioned between the X-ray machine and a photographic plate, either by lying on a table or by standing against a flat surface.  These days, the photographic plate is connected to a computer that produces a digital image.  It may be necessary for the radiographer to take more than one image, from different angles, to obtain as much information as possible.  The procedure is totally painless, although it is important to stay still.

The X-ray is then analysed by a specialist consultant radiologist and the results are sent to the referring doctor within two days.

Find your nearest BMI Healthcare hospital offering private X-ray services

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How can I get a private X-ray at BMI Healthcare?

Both patients with private health insurance and those who wish to fund their own treatment are required to have a referral from a doctor in order to access X-ray services at BMI Healthcare hospitals.


Insured patients are advised to check with their company that they have cover before booking treatment.  Self-funding patients can obtain a quote for X-ray services by filling in the enquiry form on the BMI Healthcare website.


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