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Private ultrasound scans

Ultrasound scan

If you would like to know about ultrasound - including the availability and cost of ultrasound - the following information will interest you.


Ultrasound is a diagnostic scanning technique. It uses high frequency sound waves that are transmitted through the body. The sound waves are reflected back from the body's organs and bones. The difference in the strength and delay of the signal returning gives the information in a variety of shades of black, white and grey. These images are displayed onto a monitor and interpreted by an expert in ultrasound.


Ultrasound scanning is perfectly safe, it does not use radiation, just sound waves. A major advantage of ultrasound is that the images appear in 'real time' so the movement of muscles, tendons, organs and blood flow can all be visualised.


The following companies all provide private pregnancy ultrasound scans services in the UK.

Going abroad for pregnancy ultrasound scanning

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One option to consider is to go abroad  for ultrasound scanning. View featured providers of ultrasound scanning abroad... 

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