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Private PET/CT scans from InHealth


With an extensive range of locations across the country, InHealth are dedicated to providing patient a wide range of diagnostic scans and treatments including private PET/CT scans. InHealth employ specialised and highly qualified staff who deliver exceptional patient care from their state of the art facilities.

InHealth offer a comprehensive range of diagnostic scans, including private PET/CT scans. InHealth's specialist trained staff deliver outstanding patient care from their state-of-the-art facilities.

InHealth's scanning centres provide diagnostic procedures in hospitals and community health centres at over 80 locations across the country in addition to a fleet of mobile scanners and testing facilities. 

Why choose InHealth for private PET/CT scans?

InHealth are devoted to providing patients with easy and quick access to the scans and treatments that they need. Their dedicated teams of staff will ensure that you’re looked after and guarantee exceptional patient satisfaction.

InHealth is recognised as one of the leading healthcare providers in the UK and provide their patients with a wide choice of diagnostic centres all over the UK, working with hospital partners to open new or improve existing imaging partners. They always ensure that their patients and partners have access to the most advanced technology; and have 55 mobile diagnostic scanners, which provides an interim service for patients who have short term needs.

PET/CT scanner at InHealth centre

PET/CT scans offered by InHealth

InHealth offers a PET/CT scan which combines a CT scan and PET scan into one and provides a doctor with a more detailed image of the structures of your body. A PET scan uses a tiny amount of an injected radioactive drug that displays which cells are more active than normal. This allows the doctor to see the changes of the activities in the cell and pinpoint exactly where the changes are happening.

Patients often wonder about the safety of their PET/CT scan. PET/CT scans are very safe and any radiation that you are exposed to is small. However, you will only be referred to have a PET/CT scan when your doctor believes that the benefit of you being exposed to find out more about your condition outweighs the risk of you being exposed to the radiation.

After your scan

After you’ve had your PET/CT scan, the doctor who referred you will be sent your report. You can then call your doctor to find out if they received your results before making an appointment. InHealth will contact you if they need to carry out further tests and investigations. The radiographer who performs your PET/CT scan will not be able to give you your results on the day.

Paying for your scan

If you’re a self-paying patient you will need to have been referred to use InHealth’s services by your GP or another medical professional. Your GP or another medical professional would have completed a referral form on your behalf.

If you’re not using the service through the NHS, then there are two ways that you can pay:

  • If you have private medical insurance, it is important to contact your insurer beforehand to check that they will cover the cost of your scan.
  • If you are paying for the scan yourself, when you book your appointment, you will be asked to make a payment at that time. 
To find out more information about either of these options, you can download InHealth’s leaflet about payment options for private patients.

Useful information about InHealth PET/CT scans

You can also find out more information about InHealth PET/CT scans and what to do before your appointment and what happens during your appointment.

Friendly InHealth staff

Where can I get a private PET/CT scan?

With a wide range of locations across the UK, you can locate a centre page on their website.


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