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Private MRI Scans from InHealth


InHealth provide an extensive range of expert diagnostic scans including private MRI scans. InHealth works hard to ensure that your experience is as pleasant as possible. Working with over two hundred hospitals and eighty community health clinics, they employ over one thousand dedicated staff members in locations across the UK and Ireland.

Why choose InHealth for private MRI scans?

InHealth are dedicated to ensuring their patients receive faster and easier access to the scans that they need. Their friendly and professional team can arrange your tests within a few days. InHealth have a wide range of locations, meaning you will not have to travel far for your appointment.

As an NHS or private patient, you can ask your GP or consultant to refer you any of their services. However, some of their services are also available on a self-referral basis.

Online appointments

Providing you have a referral, non-NHS patients can make appointments online using their location finder. Alternatively you can use the appointments page to select the service and location you require.

MRI at InHealth centre

MRI scans offered by InHealth

An MRI scan is a painless and safe test that is used to create images of inside of your body. The scanner used sends out strong magnetic fields and radiowaves that create the images. MRI scans create high quality images of the body and they can be useful where other tests do not give thorough enough information. Procedures usually take around 20minutes, but it is possible that your scan could last for an hour.

MRI scans do not use the X-rays so the possible concerns that are associated with x-rays and CT scans are not associated with MRI scans.

Open MRI scans

InHealth offers open MRI scans that at Croydon MRI Centre. It was the first high field open scanner available in the UK. This scanner is truly open and allows the patient to have an unobstructed view whilst they are having their scan. This scanner is particularly suitable for patients who might be claustrophobic, anxious, prefer to have an open MRI scan, bariatric or have limited mobility. The open scanner is particularly beneficial for children, newborns and elderly patients.


After your scan

After you’ve had your scan, the radiographer who performed the scan will not be able to provide you with a diagnosis or analysis of your scan. The doctor or medical professional who sent you for the referral will receive your report and you can call to check that it has been received before you make an appointment. InHealth will be in contact with you, if they need to undertake any further tests and investigations.

Open MRI at InHealth Croydon MRI centre
Open MRI scanner at Croydon MRI Centre

Paying for your MRI scan

For self-paying patients, most of InHealth’s services require you to have a completed referral form from your doctor or another medical professional. On InHealth’s website you can learn more about self-referrals and about the payment options for private patients.

For patients who are not accessing InHealth’s services through the NHS, there are two ways that you can pay:

  • If you have private medical insurance, you will need to speak to your insurer beforehand to confirm that they will cover the cost of your scan.
  • If you are paying for the scan yourself,  when you book your appointment you will be asked to make a payment at the time.
Friendly InHealth staff

Where can I get a private MRI scan?

With a wide range of locations across the UK, InHealth is able to offer their patients private MRI scans in a convenient location. Please visit the locate a centre page on their website.


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