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BMI Healthcare: private CT scans in the UK

BMI Healthcare

Providing quick and easy access to private CT scanning at state-of-the-art hospitals throughout the UK.

Where can I find a private CT scan in the UK?

BMI Healthcare, the largest private hospital group in the UK, is able to offer CT scanning at 47 hospitals, nationwide. 

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Why do I need a CT scan?

A CT scanner uses x-rays and a computer to build up more detailed images than a standard x-ray.  Called tomograms, they are 3D images of the internal structures of the body, including organs, bone, blood vessels and tumours.  CT scans are commonly used to diagnose and monitor a variety of conditions:

BMI Hospital
  • Brain tumours
  • Strokes
  • Tumours and conditions affecting the liver, kidneys, pancreas, intestines and lungs
  • Vascular problems
  • Bone injuries and diseases
  • Tears to internal organs following trauma

CT scans are also used to aid in some medical tests and treatments:

  • In planning radiotherapy treatment
  • As a guide, in needle biopsy, for example

Are CT scans safe?

The amount of X-ray radiation involved in a CT scan is small, and in most cases the benefits of having the scan outweigh any potential risks.  However, CT scans are only carried out following a medical referral and are not recommended for pregnant women, or children, unless they have a serious condition.


What happens during a CT scan?

A CT scanner is a large circular-shaped machine with an open hole.  The patient lies on a motorised bed inside the ring-like scanner.  As each x-ray is taken by the unit inside the surrounding ring, the bed moves forward a little so that a series of x-rays can be taken.  It is important to stay still each time the machine takes an x-ray.  Contrast mediums containing a dye may be used for some scans in order to show up certain tissues or blood vessels more clearly.  These are given as a drink or injection, depending on which part of the body is being scanned.


A CT scan takes about 30 minutes for the head or spine, although it can often take longer for scans of the chest and abdomen. The procedure is completely painless, and unlike MRI scanning, the majority of patients do not find it claustrophobic.  An experienced radiographer is always on hand.

Following the scan, one of BMI Healthcare's specialist consultant radiologists will analyse the image and send a report to the referring doctor, usually within two days.

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How can I get a private CT scan at BMI Healthcare?

Both patients with private medical insurance and patients who wish to pay for their treatment need a referral from a doctor if they wish to have a CT scan at BMI Healthcare.  All referrals should be made in line with the 'Guide to making the best use of a Clinical Imaging Department' as set out by the Royal College of Radiologists.

The costs of a CT scan are covered by most medical insurance policies, although it is important to check with the company before arranging treatment. 

BMI Healthcare also welcomes patients who wish to fund their own treatment and an indicative cost for CT scanning can be obtained by filling out an online enquiry form.

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