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Direct Medical Imaging: Diagnostic imaging, MRI scans, and ultrasound scans in Lytham St Annes, Lancashire

Direct Medical Imaging

Direct Medical Imaging in Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, is a private medical practice providing an open whole body MRI & dedicated extremity MRI scanning service, as well as ultrasound and X-ray.


Direct Medical Imaging (DMI) is open to everyone whether or not they are insured, paying for their own treatment or being funded by the NHS. Their aim is to provide a high quality of personal and clinical care and that the treatment will be delivered in a caring and professional manner within an appropriate and comfortable environment.


Diagnostic scanning facilities available at Direct Medical Imaging in Lancashire


Open whole body MRI scanner

Open whole body MRI scanner

More space means less anxiety. A unique C-shaped magnet for easy positioning and a friendly, compact design create an atmosphere to put you at your ease. If you are nervous a relative or friend can sit in the room whilst the scan is being performed.


The scan consists of several sets of images and the total scan time can vary from 30 minutes to 1 hour.


What can MRI diagnose?

  • brain or spinal abnormalities
  • strokes in their earliest stages
  • infections in the brain, spine or joints
  • damaged ligaments, tendons, cartilage and bone in the wrist, knee, ankle, shoulder and other joints
  • masses in the soft tissues of the body
  • 'slipped discs' (herniated) and other abnormalities of the spine
  • heart (cardiac) abnormalities
  • abnormalities of the blood vessels


Dedicated extremity MRI scanner

The O-Scan manufactured by Esaote is an innovative development in medical imaging that allows magnetic resonance imaging of the extremity joints; from shoulder to fingers, from thigh to toes.


Sold worldwide, the Direct Medical Imaging E-scan is the first within the United Kingdom.



Diagnostic Ultrasound (sonography)

Medical sonography (ultrasonography) is an ultrasound-based diagnostic medical imaging technique used to visualize muscles, tendons, and many internal organs, their size, structure and any pathological lesions with real time tomographic images. DMI scans are performed by Consultant Radiologists.


Ultrasound has been used to image the human body for at least 50 years. It is one of the most widely used diagnostic tools in modern medicine. As currently applied in the medical environment, ultrasound poses no known risks to the patient. 


X-ray scanning 

X-rays are a wonderful addition to the world of medicine; they let doctors peer inside a patient without any surgery at all. It's much easier and safer to look at a broken bone using X-rays than it is to open a patient up.



DMI is able to arrange all other forms of medical imaging:

  • Computed tomography (CT)

  • PET-CT (Positron Emission Tomography)

  • bone densitometry

  • cardiac imaging (Cardiac MR, CT coronary angiography, echocardiography, cardiac catheter and angioplasty & nuclear perfusion imaging)

  • interventional radiology (angioplasty, vascular stents, biopsy, EndoVascular Aortic stent gRafts [EVAR] - for aortic aneurysm)

  • fluoroscopy


Direct Medical Imaging

Why go to Direct Medical Imaging in Lytham St Annes?

DMI is registered with the Care Quality Commission, satisfying all the standards and criteria for the local PCT’s and is registered with all major insurers.


All images are read by DMI's Consultant Radiologists, who also perform diagnostic ultrasound and interventional ultrasound, and sourcing & organisation of all other forms of medical imaging.




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Contact details

Contact details

32 Orchard Road

Lytham St Annes




Tel:  01253 640 000


Email:      info@dmi-uk.com 

Website: www.dmi-uk.com


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