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Beyond Smiles: Dental treatment in India

Beyond Smiles

Beyond Smiles runs state-of-the-art dentist clinics in different locations across India. Their highly qualified Indian dentists are committed to creating beautiful smiles for all their patients and they are pioneers in oral hygiene and helping their patients to relax. Their many dental treatment services include instant tooth whitening, smile makeovers, full mouth rehabilitation and dental implants.


At Beyond Smiles they recruit the best dentists in India. All their staff graduated from top national universities and have undertaken international training programmes. They pride themselves on the warm welcome they extend to all patients. Their attentive and courteous staff strive to create a stress free environment for their patients in the private, quiet and relaxing treatment spaces.



Why visit Beyond Smiles for dental treatment in India? 


  • All doctors working with Beyond Smiles are trained in emergency medicine and all centres are equipped with emergency life saving drugs in case of any medical emergency during treatment.

  • Beyond Smiles is an ISO .9001.9008 certified company

  • All centres follow strict international CDC (Center for Disease Control - USA) and WHO (World Health Organisation) protocols for sterilisation, disinfection and bio-medical waste management.

  • Beyond Smiles' team of specialists and doctors ensures that all specialty treatment can be carried out by the respective specialist

At Beyond Smiles they use the most technologically advanced techniques, materials and equipment to provide the best service for their clients. Advanced computer imaging and digital photography allow patients to get a good idea of the outcome of their treatment before the procedures begin. They also use digital x-rays and intra-oral cameras to thoroughly evaluate and precisely plan all treatments. It is important that staff and patients communicate effectively as to their expectations for each procedure.


Five year guarantees are offered for porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges. The dentists educate their patients on daily oral hygiene and can advise them on the most efficient products which can keep them smiling confidently. Consult with dentists at Beyond Smiles now to give you the beautiful smile and good oral health you’ve always desired.

Beyond Smiles

Dental treatment In India provided by Beyond Smiles


Cosmetic/ Aesthetic Dentistry
This involves various aspects of dentistry with a special emphasis on individual teeth and their overall harmony and balance. With advances in dentistry, there's no reason why you should be unhappy with the way your teeth look. It is a known fact that a beautiful smile enhances not only your appearance but improves your self-confidence.


Tooth whitening and removal of stains
They can help remove superficial white, brown, or orange stains that appear on tooth surfaces by oral prophylaxis, micro-abrasion technology , tooth whitening, veneers or crowns. They also offer Zoom 2 advanced system whitening which can give you a dazzling smile in 45 minutes.


Replacement of unattractive metallic fillings
They replace unattractive or old worn out metallic fillings with composite resin which is a tooth-coloured material. It is stronger and has the added advantage of being mercury free. It is placed into the cavity in layers until the tooth is restored to its original form. An ultraviolet light is used to harden it layer by layer.


Porcelain veneers
This is another method that allows dentists to restore your smile's form and function when you have crooked or discoloured teeth by using strong ceramics, metal free crowns and bridges. The fabrication of life like prosthetic teeth has now been achieved and these allow light to pass through them which is an important aspect of aesthetics.


Gum reshaping or re-contouring
This is also known as gingivoplasty or gingivectomy. This is carried out when too much of the gums are seen in the case of high lip line or when an uneven gum line makes teeth look unattractive. It can be done with electro-cautery or lasers with minimal or no pain.


Full mouth rehabilitation
In some cases where teeth have been worn down or you have multiple missing teeth you may feel it could be better to consider having a full-mouth rehabilitation.


Endodontic therapy
This is a part of restorative dentistry but is done when a tooth is grossly decayed, fractured, undergone trauma or secondary decay. It is also carried out for old fillings where the infection has reached the pulp. Surgical endodontics are carried out under a surgical microscope.


Beyond Smiles

Root canal treatment
This is a treatment to eliminate infections in teeth and surrounding gums. It is performed to prevent tooth extraction when the inner soft tissue of a tooth becomes infected, or inflamed in the case of a decayed tooth. Once the infected tissue is removed, the space is obturated with a root canal filling material followed by a post root canal filling with composite resin and then a crown placed on the tooth to protect it and restore its functionality. Signs you may need endodontic therapy include pain, prolonged sensitivity to heat or cold, tenderness to touch and chewing, and discolouration of the tooth.


All soft tissue surgeries are carried out with a Nd-Yag soft tissue laser  Fotona). Using this laser for soft tissue surgeries ensures no bleeding and minimal healing time.


Periodontal therapy / gum disease treatment or bad breath therapy
Periodontal therapy is a conservative (non-surgical) program consisting of a series of visits to control gum disease.


Routine cleaning & check ups
At Beyond Smiles they want you to feel your recall check-up and cleaning visit is as important as your other dental treatments. The examination includes a health history update and a soft-tissue screening. The dentists will examine your entire mouth and look for any signs of disease, particularly decay and gum disease, and prescribe any necessary treatment.


Prosthetic dentistry
Unfortunately, losing a tooth can start a vicious cycle of destruction. In a normal, healthy mouth, your teeth have a natural balance. Each upper tooth contacts the corresponding lower tooth, allowing for a well-balanced chewing function. Losing a tooth quickly destroys this balance.


Patients who have lost all or some of their teeth are candidates for complete or partial dentures. These improve your ability to chew and speak, provide support for your facial muscles, and greatly enhance your facial appearance and smile.


Crowns are used when large fillings wear out, when a tooth is cracked, after root canal treatment, discoloration of teeth or when making cosmetic improvements to teeth. They could be made of base metal alloys or pure gold.PACE


Reflexology to complement your dental treatment

Beyond Smiles are pioneers that have introduced reflexology to complement the dental treatments they offer. They know that for many people, fear is synonymous with dentistry. So each of their dentistry centres have a reflexology lounge and a trained and qualified reflexologist is available to give each patient a massage to help them relax and alay anxiety prior to their appointment. They also have a fully automated massage 'Lazy Boy' in each reflexology lounge.  This is all at no extra cost - it means that patients are relaxed even before their dental treatment has started.


Conscious sedation for adults

Beyond Smiles is also the first dental clinic in India to introduce Conscious Sedation Gas for adults. Its an inhalation gas which is basically a cocktail of Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen. On inhalation the patient falls asleep, after which the dental staff are able to peacefully inject the patient with local anaesthesia and perform the respective surgery or procedure. The patient is constantly monitored and is easily woken up with full oxygen once the procedure is over. This method is completely safe and immediately reversible.


Beyond Smiles
Before and after treatment

The approach to dental treatment in India

At Beyond Smiles the treatment would generally consist of the following steps:


  • Consultation
  • Records and investigations: consisting of x-rays, plaster models and enquiring about your history.
  • Case analysis and case discussion, treatment planning
  • Completion of all general dental work like filling and extractions
  • Fabrication of appliances and fitting
  • Regular follow up visits until treatment goals are achieved
  • Models and x rays to evaluate the result


Dental tourism in India

As health care costs skyrocket, patients in the developed world look overseas for medical care. India is capitalising on its low cost and well-trained doctors to appeal to "medical tourists". Even with an airfare, the cost of travelling to India in search of medical treatment can be economical, and the quality of services is often better than that found in the United States and UK. In fact, many patients are rather pleased at the prospect of seeking medical attention in India while holidaying. Medical tourists find a true haven in India where medical tourism is promoted and governmental support is given. Dental Tourism is a budding concept for a planned vacation along with dental solutions and care. Beyond Smiles provide excellent packages to meet your treatment expenditure and at the same time guide you when organising your holiday. You can enjoy your holidays and receive services related to dentistry at very affordable prices... at Beyond Smiles you will find the best treatments for the best prices. S




Beyond Smiles

Contact details


Beyond Smiles


Mumbai Tel: +91 22 3290 1462


Goa Tel: + 91 0832 3257 712


Pune Tel: + 91 20 6520 3667










Website: www.beyondsmiles.in





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