Younger travellers and pre existing medical conditions

Travel insurance specialists, World First Travel Insurance, remind younger travellers of the need to declare any pre existing medical conditions when purchasing travel insurance ahead of taking a holiday or starting their travels.

When purchasing travel insurance people are required to declare any pre existing medical conditions as this can affect the policy and is essential in ensuring individuals on the policy have full cover.  Many older travellers are familiar with declaring pre existing medical conditions when purchasing travel insurance, but the company has noticed that more younger people are failing to declare their illnesses or conditions, resulting in some claims not being paid.

There have been cases in the past year of people declaring some of their conditions, those they believe to be more serious, and failing to mention other, less serious conditions.  By not declaring everything people are risking not being covered if they are taken ill whilst on holiday.

Martin Rothwell of World First Travel Insurance says. "We have known some customers to provide details of some of their medical conditions, often the ones they deem to be most serious.  This includes conditions such as angina, chrones disease, cancer and alzheimer's.  But then fail to tell us about other conditions which they feel are being managed or are minor, this often includes things like asthma, irritable bowel syndrome and allergies to stings. Many younger travellers need to be pushed to declare any history of asthma and other conditions that, as far as they are concerned, are minor.  People are worried that declaring a condition will vastly increase the cost of the policy. In truth it may increase the cost a bit, but better pay a few pounds more than risk having to foot the bill for medical treatment abroad."

Recently a number of claims have been refused, as the policyholders did not provide details of all their conditions when taking out the policy.  One such case involved two women who travelled to the USA.  Both had declared they had pre existing medical conditions and provided details of these conditions. Whilst on holiday they were both hospitalised.  Unfortunately the reason for hospitalisation was as a result of a number of conditions that had not been declared at the time of taking out the policy. The medical bills, which were clearly not covered by the travel insurance, were in excess of £50,000.

The advice is simple, firstly make sure you get travel insurance, but more importantly, make sure you travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions, no matter how minor you may believe them to be.

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Younger travellers and pre existing medical conditions
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