Yoga instructor praises London Day Surgery Centre

A 25-year-old yoga instructor from Kent has praised the London Day Surgery Centre after surgeons gave her the nose she had always dreamed of.

Lara Chandler had already undergone two rhinoplasty procedures with other surgeons but was left dissatisfied with the results.

She had her first cosmetic surgery ( done at the age of 17 and admits that she had been too young. However, even after a second operation, she remained unhappy with her appearance.

Ms Chandler revealed: "I wasn't truly satisfied with the result and it was only when I met Mr Bellity that we were able to pinpoint what was wrong."

Philippe Bellity, a cosmetic surgeon who studied at the Universite de Paris, revealed: "I could see she was unhappy and just a minor correction would give her a much better effect.

"Reshaping just the tip would give her a more natural and balanced look as the rest of her nose was perfect."

The London Day Surgery Centre is renowned for its expertise in modern-day surgery techniques and treatment.

It offers a range of procedures, including cosmetic surgery, non-surgical cosmetic treatments, tooth whitening and cataract treatment.


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Yoga instructor praises London Day Surgery Centre
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