Yo-yo dieters 'may be healthier than obese people'

Recent research has suggested that people who follow yo-yo diets might be healthier than those who remain obese.

Conducted by a team at Ohio University's Edison Biotechnology Institute, the study found that mice which were switched between a high-fat and a low-fat diet every four weeks during their approximate two-year lifespan, lived around 25 per cent longer than obese animals that just ate a high-fat diet.

Furthermore, the yo-yo group was found to have better blood glucose levels and lived about as long as the control group of mice which were steadily fed a low-fat diet.

Edward List, who led the study, commented: "If the conventional wisdom is true, it would discourage a lot of overweight people from losing weight.

"The new research shows that the simple act of gaining and losing weight does not seem detrimental to lifespan."

The research could prove useful for people who are interested in obesity treatments. 



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Yo-yo dieters 'may be healthier than obese people'
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