Worry 'can affect breast cancer patients'

Recent research has highlighted the fact that breast cancer patients often worry excessively about recurrence of the disease.

Led by Nancy Janz of the University of Michigan School of Public Health in Ann Arbor, the study found that women are affecting their health and cancer treatment by becoming distressed.

She noted that women who found it easier to understand the clinical information presented to them were less likely to experience worry than those who were uncertain about the information.

Meanwhile, those who experienced fewer symptoms and received more co-ordinated care also reported lower levels of anxiety about cancer recurrence.

Dr Janz commented: "How much women worry about recurrence is often not aligned with their actual risk for cancer recurrence.

"We need to better understand the factors that increase the likelihood that women will worry and develop strategies and appropriate referrals to help women with excessive worry."


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Worry 'can affect breast cancer patients'
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