Work worries stopping millions from sleeping, study finds

Work-related worries are stopping around seven in ten UK adults from enjoying a good night's sleep, research has found.

A study has found that seven in ten adult Britons are losing sleep over problems at work.

In particular, the prospect of being made unemployed is preventing around half of these people from getting the recommended eight hours a night, the research carried out by Slumberland found, while anxiety over promotions and longer-term prospects was also revealed to be relatively commonplace in bedrooms across the UK.

Commenting on the findings, the company's lifestyle expert Chris Tattersall noted that this could be worrying for the nation's bosses, as well as for the individual workers themselves.

"Getting enough rest is linked to performance," he said.

"It is ironic that stress from jobs seems to be a barrier to the sleep needed to function."

Earlier in the month, a Birmingham University expert told delegates at the annual British Sleep Society conference that poor sleeping patterns could be fuelling the rise in obesity across the UK.


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Work worries stopping millions from sleeping, study finds
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