Work abroad offers better job prospects but no NHS say young workers

To get work, more young people are or are considering going overseas on a temporary basis. An Aviva study of UK workers aged 18 to 30 suggests that nearly six in ten now believe there are better prospects abroad, with over half saying they are considering a stay in another country. But rather than abandon the UK entirely, the younger generations now favour one to three year moves overseas. 43% say a year would be long enough while 20% would consider a three-year break from the UK.

One of their key concerns is looking after their health abroad – a quarter say the NHS is one of the things they would most miss, while two thirds believe the UK has superior state health benefits over other countries. Independent travel expert Amanda Lamb comments, “Healthcare provision varies massively from one country to the next and young workers should not assume that they will receive the same free at point of delivery health benefits in Australia or the US that we have at home.”

Andrew Turner of Aviva adds, “One in three say they do not consider it important to take out additional medical insurance. The danger is that, should the worst happen, they could find themselves in unfamiliar territories, often not speaking the local language, not knowing how to arrange medical treatment or being able to pay for it. International health insurance helps provide individuals with the peace of mind that they have the medical support they need when they need it most.”

The top destinations for 18 to 30 year olds:

1. Australia 

2. United States 

3. Canada 

4. Spain 

5. New Zealand

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Work abroad offers better job prospects but no NHS say young workers
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