The word 'exercise' can be a barrier to depression sufferers

The word exercise can create psychological barriers in people suffering from depression, an expert has stated.

Michelle Clemons is a mindfulness-based master practitioner of neuro linguistic programming and she believes people need to change their mental approach to exercise.

Ms Clemons stated that depression can be remedied by exercise but people are put off by the word.

Sufferers should do the physical activities they enjoy and they could be as simple as walking the dog, playing with their children or doing some gardening.

In addition to physical activity, the expert said less strenuous pastimes can also be beneficial.

"Other less physical activities can include watching comedy films or comedy TV series DVDs, or reading humorous books. Laughter therapy really works and it's something that we all enjoy," she added.

A person's life experiences can work in combination with a person's genetics to affect their risk of developing depression, according to a report from Virginia Commonwealth University.

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The word 'exercise' can be a barrier to depression sufferers
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