Wonderbra / Ultimo bra girl had asymmetric breasts

Former Wonderbra model, Katie Green, who also subsequently modelled for Michelle Mone’s brand Ultimo, has revealed that even bra models don’t always have perfect breasts.

Katie suffered from breast asymmetry so severe that her right breast was a B-cup while her left breast measured a D – a full 2 inches bigger.

During photoshoots and modelling, she had to use chicken fillets to boost the smaller breast and stand at particular angles making use of her long hair to draw attention away.  Airbrushing was also used to ensure that she looked ‘evenly balanced’.

Breast asymmetry is surprisingly common, affecting an estimated 90% of the population.  Approximately 1 in 20 has asymmetry so severe that it could be considered a deformity. Consequences of breast asymmetry include:

  • Confidence/self-esteem/self-consciousness issues
  • Back/neck pain and posture issues due to the imbalance
  • Skin irritation
  • Difficulty in clothing; finding underwear/swimwear in particular

Although the breasts are usually fully formed by the age of 21, hormonal events such as pregnancy or menopause can cause further changes.

Leading cosmetic surgery provider, The Hospital Group, has a team of expert Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgeons who are very familiar with the problem.

A spokesperson said “We see a great many women who are self-conscious about asymmetric breasts.  They don’t realise how common it is as women are so good at disguising the problem under clothing.

"Surgery can most definitely help.  Depending on the nature of the asymmetry, there are a number of options available.  If the larger breast is considered to be the right size, then the smaller one can be boosted using a carefully selected implant in a breast augmentation procedure.  The patient usually chooses to have breast augmentation on both sides, so in this scenario the Surgeon would select 2 differently sized implants to produce an even and balanced result.

"In some cases, the smaller breast is thought to be the “right size” and in this case a breast reduction can be performed on the larger breast to make it a similar size and shape to the smaller one.

"We see terrific results in breast asymmetry patients, not just in terms of their physical appearance, but also in terms of their self-confidence.”

The Hospital Group offers free consultations with expert Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgeons in clinics around the UK, Ireland and Spain.

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Wonderbra / Ultimo bra girl had asymmetric breasts
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