Women wary of long-term contraception

Many women are put off taking long-acting forms of contraception such as the contraceptive pill because they believe it will make them put on weight or affect their long-term fertility, a survey has found.

A significant number of the 55 women surveyed by sexual health experts in Scotland claimed to be worried about the possibility of weight gain.

The coil and contraceptive implant tend to be rejected because women do not want to undergo an invasive examination, while many women do not like the idea of having an implant lying under their skin.

Professor Anna Glasier, author of the study in the Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care, said: "Myths and misconceptions are still common. We need to emphasise that they don't impair fertility, and the majority of them don't affect weight.

"Doctors tend to focus on medical problems, whereas women are actually more worried about their weight, their skin and their chances of being able to have children in the future," she noted.

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Women wary of long-term contraception
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